The Second Go Battle Royale ⚔

Dearest ally! It looks like you missed the “if” predicate. Such a tragic misunderstanding!

then in the future, Cerulean would no longer be able to trust Orange.

And this is something Orange cannot afford.
Also it looks like Golden Empire has aggressive plans against you – as long as I understand correctly the meaning of their public speeches.

Altogether it looks like I have no other choice than immediately support you with H7.

Whole Gobania is the eyewitness of unwillingness of Great Golden Empire to live in peace and cooperate with their neighbours for the sake of long and prosperous life.

@NeilAgg please note that you still can return to the amicable way of building relationships.


@antonTobi is next.


The Orange empire has made it very clear where it stands. The Great Golden Empire is now desperately reaching out to the other empires to come to our aid.

I would launch a petition to make you third Ally of the Orange nation.

I am happy to inform you that my petition was fully approved. This is definitely a great day for our nations!

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By the way, I could not post it for some time due to some “no more than 3 replies in a row” restriction.

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Red plays N9:
Over to @NeilAgg!

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The Great Golden Empire is forced to place armies at K7:

Next is @martin3141


Blue consolidates with B13:


Cerulean (@ArsenLapin1),
Our stones in the north-west are enjoying the company of the cerulean stones, but also yearn for independence. Blue has no plans to extend the local constructions to C14 or C12 anytime soon.

Next to play is Green (@yebellz)


Dear Golden Neighbour @NeilAgg,

These are dire times for your empire indeed. Do you have a plan for the future? What will happen next with your group of five stones which has been cut off?

We are not going to survive at attack from multiple fronts without an ally. Hopefully, someone will come to our aid.

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I’ll play K5


The aim of my move is to further secure stability for my group in that region. I hope to also eventually play K5, L4, M4, and M6. @martin3141, @sokoslav, I hope that you are okay with that.

Regarding the conflict in the region, @NeilAgg, I wish the best for you in the face of adversity. I’m not too sure how much I can directly help with the pressure that you are under. However, I can certainly guarantee that Green will not aim to occupy points like L8, M8, or M9, in order to provide your stones with more liberties, in order to ease your burden.

@ArsenLapin1’s turn


Similar to @yebellz, I cannot actively help the Golden Empire (I do not want to take part in attacking someone else), but I promise to leave M9 and N11 empty, so that your eastern forces may survive even without two independent eyes. I hope you can find a similar diplomatic solution with Green and Blue in the west.

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Dear Golden Neighbour,
Unsurprisingly, you will find no allies in Red and Green. I doubt you’ll find an ally in Blue, either.
What other plans do you have?

What makes Cerulean (@ArsenLapin1) say this? Blue declared you our allies, but we have increasingly the feeling that Cerulean is trying to manipulate other players at their will. Is Cerulean trying to make Yellow help them cut off Blue with E5 and F6?

Dear Yellow (@NeilAgg),
Blue does not intend to fill yellows liberties anytime soon. Furthermoe we believe that Orange (@sokoslav) was talked into cutting at H7, and may not mean harm to your stones either. Blue is willing to cooperate with Yellow, as long as Orange does not get hurt in the process.


Not manipulate, no. But negotiate and convince other players to take arms and try to act? Yes. I am convinced that if we keep playing “peacefully”, then Red and Blue are the only players who can possibly win. Green, Gold, Orange and Cerulean have already lost. The only way we can shake this status quo and have a chance to win is to play a bit more aggressively.

I hadn’t considered that, since we used to be allies. Thank you for the suggestion. That would require me playing E5 first, though, and then hope Gold continues with F6. That could work, but I’d need a way to convince Gold @NeilAgg that this would create more safety for their stones.

As I stated earlier, I am very interested in working with Blue and Orange. Please give me some guidance on what you think we can do to help each other.

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Has Cerulean turned against Blue?


Blue feels reassured and happy to hear this. We believe there is a solution to the crisis Yellow is facing that is agreeable to all of us. Let us hold council after the next move.


No. I have never taken any action against Blue.

However, I think Blue expressed pretty clearly that they were no longer interested in our alliance:

In fact, I now doubt Blue was ever really interested in that alliance at all.

The alliance was started for those two reasons:

  • First and foremost, help each other achieve mutual life in the northwest corner, and protect the common liberty at B13. But the very first thing that Blue did in the game was secure a territory in the northwest corner, so that the mutual life possibility was immediately put off the window. And now Blue has played B13.
  • Cooperate to build a common territory in the southwest corner and the south side. But instead, Blue chose to extend their own territory at the expanse of the Cerulean one, by playing the reduction move at E3 early in the game.

And then a few moves ago, Blue proceeded to surround my corner with a series of moves at F5, E6 and D6. And posted thus ambiguous message:

Immediately after playing these moves surrounding my corner, Blue specifically tells me not to defend the corner? I immediately added a move at D3. If I hadn’t, I think I would have been eliminated by now, and the corner would entirely belong to Blue.

So it looks like this alliance was one-sided all along. Blue barely tolerated my stones but was never interested in cooperation at all.

And since Blue’s two groups are both alive and thick, while my three groups are still relatively vulnerable, being neighbour with Blue is becoming increasingly dangerous. Should they attack, I would have difficulty defending.

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Okay then. You have made your choice. Don’t be surprised when Blue plays your common liberties and you die.

The Cerulean Kingdom plays H13.

Green @yebellz : some time ago I told you I would want to play at G13 to capture the pink stones. Since you’ve played at G14, playing at G13 directly would be too dangerous for Cerulean, which is why I need to play at H13 first.