The Second Go Battle Royale ⚔

There were multiple opportunities where Blue could have extended with D3 but chose not to, because we did not want to attack Cerulean.

Blue was just trying to tell Cerulean that we were going to continue to respect D3 as Cerulean territory. The “surrounding moves” did not hurt Cerulean and were designed to peacefully extend the mutual territory of Blue and Cerulean.

From the blue stones’ minister of intergobanian affairs

Leaders of coloured stones,

a series of recent moves have disconnected the previously connected yellow stones. This is a serious matter that should not be ignored. Blue believes that this attack was orchestrated by Cerulean (@ArsenLapin1) - see the attached evidence

Blue hereby cuts all diplomatic bonds with Cerulean.

We believe that the cut-off yellow stones can survive for some time if their neighbours respect the mutual eyes. But in the long-term, even neighbours with good intentions will be forced to fill shared liberties. Such is the cruel fate of gobania.
In this situation who can fault Yellow for wishing to connect? And establishing connection is only possible by capturing either Orange or Cerulean.

Dear Yellow (@NeilAgg),
Blue believes that Orange (@sokoslav) does not intend to fill the yellow liberties soon. Our advise for Yellow is to play K9 or G10 and proceed with filling Cerulean liberties. Should Yellow choose this path and clash with Cerulean, Blue will support Yellow (e.g. by playing C14, C12 etc.)

Dear Orange (@sokoslav),
what is your opinion on this matter, and what are your plans for the future?


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OOC: this is incredibly great game and amazing game position. Orange has a bunch of contradictory options and ways to play, all having their pros and cons. So fabulous.


Right. So it’s a coincidence that you reduced my territory and threatened my life base with E3, then surrounded my corner with F5-E6-D6, and then immediately after playing E6, told me that I shouldn’t protect the corner.

And in this situation I should not have felt threatened at all:


Yes, I completely believe that your intentions were peaceful and that the reason you told me not to protect the corner had nothing to do with your desire to kill the corner and build a huge Blue territory on the ashes of the Cerulean stones.

So your advice to Gold is to play dame and fill in their own liberties. Sure. No one doubts that you have Gold’s best intentions at heart, and that your offered alliance with them is as sincere as was your alliance with Cerulean.

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H13 being effectively solidly connected thanks to the eliminated stones is pretty cool!


It is always painful to hear your allies arguing each other.
I find it important to point out that due to explicit request by Cerulean Kingdom Orange woud not take any actions in lower left corner:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Cerulean Kingdom notes that C2 is deep inside a territory currently being controlled by the joint armies Blue-Cerulean. This territory is of strategic interest to us because it cements the Blue-Cerulean relations. Please understand that Blue is a historical ally of Cerulean, and that an Orange move at C2 would be seen as an invasion and a threat against the Cerulean-Blue alliance.

Oh, such a wise words!

even neighbours with good intentions will be forced to fill shared liberties. Such is the cruel fate of gobania.

And the following is the absolute truth as well.

Blue believes that Orange (@sokoslav) does not intend to fill the yellow liberties soon.

Orange does not have time for such trifles. Our kingdom has urgent problems which were ignored for a long time for the good of our allies. These problems is our main priority right now.

and what are your plans for the future?

It is not best time to make any plans. Our main priority is a survival task, and we would be busy doing it some significant amount of time. Who knows what will happen during these turns?


We all make mistakes :frowning:

The aim of my move is to further secure stability for my group in that region.

We fully understand your desires and support this way of thinking.

I hope to also eventually play K5, L4, M4, and M6

While Orange have nothing against Green stones at aforementioned locations, Orange would like to see K5 stone as late as possible. We think that there no need to hurry with this move: neither Blue nor Orange would definitely play it the foreseeable future. We simply do not have time for it - and such a move would achieve nothing at all. Also it is pretty obvious that Yellow would not play J6 as it would be immediately punished by annihilation of Yellow nation - and Yellow achieves nothing with this turn as well.
At the same time, while this position is empty Orange has more breathing space and feels much more confident about the future of H6 group.
Please tell me if you find this argumentation or request inappropriate.


Orange develops their outpost with M14.
@yebellz I hope you understand that this location is a kind of vital point for Orange: it brings the hope to have an eye here and be more independent from the neighbours. In another times this move could be considered aggresive (together with Cerulean playing H13) but Cerulean now has issues with other closest neighbours and all Orange needs is a breathing space.


Back to @antonTobi

Red plays M12:
Over to @NeilAgg.


That seems reasonable. I’m happy to hear that you are accepting of our planned development in the region.

I understand. Most likely, my next move will be simply at H14.


I am out right now, but The Great Golden Empire plays L11.

Here is the link:
Someone, plead post the image for me.

Next is @martin3141


Seems like Blue made a fool of themselves … :sweat_smile:

Before @NeilAgg’s last move, @ArsenLapin1 said:

Interestingly, the Gold group at F7 and the Orange group at H6 can build a seki if Gold plays at F6.

but this message is now deleted. I don’t think we should delete or substantially edit messages (correcting small typos are ok), since that might undermine the public discussion nature of the communication.


It is on the edge of being OK for me. There are multiple ways of steganography – but I assume there is no intention of it by the participants. And in this case all are in (almost) equal positions (e.g. I read it after being deleted as all variations of the posts are public).

Not making an action is an action itself! Now you have more information.

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Within another few hours that post will disappear entirely, preventing it from being read for those who missed it over a 24-hour window.

There are also other ways of sending a message that might only be read by some, like by editing the post. I think that we should these type of possibilities.

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Oh, I see, did not know about 24-hour window. Yes, then I agree it should be forbidden.
You can always strike your text instead.


Blue is thoroughly confused and lost. We wanted to help Yellow, but they ignored our advice without explanation.

Blue solidifies their base with E2:


Cerulean (@ArsenLapin1),

Blue understands that Cerulean does not trust Blue, and will probably want to defend with D2. For the moves afterwards, maybe we can still agree to a cease-fire. Our colours don’t have to be at war with each other.

Next to play is Green (@yebellz)