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Thinking Different

Ego is a social institution with no physical reality. The ego is simply your symbol of yourself. Just as the word “water” is a noise that symbolizes a certain liquid without being it, so too the idea of ego symbolizes the role you play, who you are, but it is not the same as your living organism. ~Alan Watts 1999

It should be asked if you want to think differently that there exists a paradox innately. We seek change yet change is all around as as Heraclitus once said

τὰ ὄντα ἰέναι τε πάντα καὶ μένειν οὐδέν

"All entities move and nothing remains still"

πάντα χωρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει" καὶ "δὶς ἐς τὸν αὐτὸν ποταμὸν οὐκ ἂν ἐμβαίης

"Everything changes and nothing remains still … and … you cannot step twice into the same stream"

If you really wished to see the world differently the fastest way to “change” your mind is psychotropics.Though be warned this should only be attempted be those of stable mind and strong intestinal fortitude. Reading books and surfing the web to random sites also helps broadening your perspectives as well as travel.

As a kid I distinctly remembering wondering what it would be like to hallucinate ever since I first heard the word. To me it was explained as “seeing things that weren’t really there”. I thought the concept interesting. How much can you really know about yourself if you haven’t lost your mind? I feel like before tripping i was like one flavor of ice cream. Afterwards after putting the pieces back together I realized I could abstract myself and be at one with the whole palette of human experience.


There is no intrinsic value to doing things different to the rest, or different that one did in the past. If there is any value in a specific change, it is only so because specifically the new method in question is better than the old method in question.

Why are we still using round tires for automobiles? How unoriginal and outdated! We have been doing this for centuries. Let us “think different”. What about triangular tires?

If you use hallucinogens, you must be aware that any apparent metaphysical experience during the influence of these substances is just an illusion. Just like if you rub camphor you will feel cold without there being any cold, if you take a strong 5-HT2A agonist you will perceive things that are not there. To conclude some metaphysical or philosophical result form such an experience is thus unfounded.

I do not know anything about Alan Watts other than the quote from him in your message. From that, the only I can say is that he appears to have a deficient intellect, for he seems to believe that he has achieved some metaphysical insight while in fact he has just made a trivial observation (a name is different from the thing it references) that in mathematical logic is just a trivial fact (more generally, in mathematical logic one distinguishes a mathematical object from the mathematical methods used to study that object; this distinction is important when the object of study is a mathematical system).


Im impressed that this inspired such thoughts in you. I agree there is nothing profound or anything in tripping. It’s just perspective shifting.

This was directed at squares who live their square lives knowing that their reality is certain and that they are right about the world.
(And people who want to think differently)

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Just be love, dude. Like this:



I’ve done quite a few “psychonautic” studies when I was young, so I’m reading this with interest.

And, interesting coincidence, I just finished reading “The Harvard Psychedelic Club” by Don Lattin

Another coincidence: just today I stumbled over this paper by Brian D. Earp (whom I’m following on not for psychedelic studies but rather because he also writes about circumcision/genital mutilation (I’m an avid intactivist):

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I shall defs read this after i get done comforting migaki :slight_smile:

Did you see the documentary on netflix about death with Leary and Ram dass?

Also huxley is legit. Im like scimming around the book website lol

Maybe I should add:
I do not, repeat: NOT, recommend indiscriminate and careless / flippant / incosiderate / casual / hedonistic use of such substances.

I can’t emphasise enough what catastrophic effects they can have in “naïve” / unsuspecting / inexperienced individuals.

I’d rather put it like this: IF you are going to do such things, IF I can’t stop you, then …

  • DON’T do it without thorough prior research.
  • DON’T do it without advanced experience in some discipline like Yoga / Martial Arts / Meditation / Psychotherapy / Self-Experience / etc.
  • DON’T do it casually, research “set and setting”, prepare yourself and your surroundings; BE SAFE!
  • DON’T do it without an experienced guide.

So, overall, the easier guideline is to better just stick with … DON’T.

I’d rather recommend using sustainable techniques to be found in the disciplines of Yoga / Martial Arts / Meditation / Psychotherapy / Self-Experience / etc., though unreflected and/or excessive and/or unbalanced use of such techniques can have adverse effects as well.
Having an experienced guide / teacher / therapist helps, a LOT.

For example, breathing techniques (—> Stanislav Grof and others) can lead to “psychedelic” experience just as well, with just a little more effort, and MUCH less dangerously.

Another thought is this: IF you’re prone to lose your mind (and many of us are, at least temporarily, at some stages of our lives), you can lose it even without use or abuse of substances, even without unreflected use of some of the techniques of those disciplines, it may only be a matter of time … therefore, be careful, watch yourself, take care of yourself and of those around you, be responsible.

And, @Napster, no, I don’t have netflix, and video is not the ideal medium for me as I’m 1) hard of hearing, and 2) a fast reader, so I usually prefer written text.


“If you use hallucinogens, you must be aware that any apparent metaphysical experience during the influence of these substances is just an illusion.”

I respectfully disagree. :slight_smile: In fact, I disagree with the word “hallucinogen” when applied to substances like cannabis and LSD. I’ve never hallucinated from those. If anything, they expand my senses and I’m aware of things I am usually not. You can call it an illusion, but I know what I’ve experienced :slight_smile:


<3 :slight_smile:

I shoulda included your disclaimer ^^"

Then in that case have you read Realms Of The Human Unconscious? :0 i have read about 1/3 of it it’s interesting

Unfortunately, I must disagree with your exclusion of LSD as an hallucinogen. This is actually ridiculous. If you ever have “tried it” and did not hallucinate, then either of two things have happened: 1) it was not LSD (as claimed by your dealer), or 2) the concentration was extremely low.

A 3rd possibility (that you are neurologically so different that LSD does not cause hallucinations for you) I will exclude as so remotely possible that I think it probably does not even exist.

As a research neurophysiologist with experience in this area, I know for certain that many dealers sell things that they claim are LSD but are not. Timothy Leary did not obtain his LSD from some street dealer! He had 100% pure LSD. And I doubt that very many people today actually get that from their connection. In other words: buyer beware!


– Musash1


I have definitely had real LSD, don’t worry. :slight_smile: It’s just that what it makes me experience is absolutely not something I would call hallucinations.

Beat me to it …

Note to self: Must reply to @Musash1 later, after I got some sleep.

I hope i had the real deal at least once in my life o.o I had it special ordered from Amsterdam o.o back in le day.

I have had the good fortune to try genuine Owsley acid (way back when), and hallucinations is a mild word to put on it. I remember being totally amazed that I had actually taken something to get like that, and wasn’t actually born on the alien planet I was currently on.
Flashbacks are a myth.
And you do, actually, remember most of the trip. It’s just the smells and tastes that don’t translate into memory well.
And eating? Chewing food became so complicated that you couldn’t actually do it without complete concentration, and it then became quite unpleasant.



Yeah man bread was terrible. But for me i had the modt apple tasting apple every after that xD. It also just felt like the food fell through me like i was a ghost xD


I hear you! You’re speaking the truth, for sure.