Through the Years: Long Correspondence

So perfect and fun. Good find!

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Apologies—had to switch to vacation mode as I am currently trying to give :dog2: Jasper the best palliative care I can, and there currently are some other Real Life and Virtual Life issues as well that I need to cope with, but I do try and play a move whenever I find some “mindspace” in order not to be the last person holding up the tournament, it comes and goes in waves though, like everything.


I wish I hadn’t lost all my tournament games very embarrassingly and very early on, so I could go on vacation mode in solidarity.


The TD suggested that, long time ago:

I read/hear/feel your solidarity loud and clear :relaxed: :pray: :man_bowing:


8 days later:

  • 48 games left, 69 players involved, 21 groups
  • 2 completed games
  • 1 disqualified player
  • 3 players completed all their games
  • 1 group completed all its games


6 days later:

  • 47 games left, 68 players involved, 21 groups
  • 1 completed game
  • 1 player resigned
  • 1 player completed all his games


And of note, one game of the detached 6 players (tail of people with 4+games still in progress) finished


So, those six, which obviously are dragging deliberately, plus their opponents are more than half of the remaining players. I wonder how many of the remaining 2 or three dozens are genuinely slow and how many are also saboteurs, but who joined the gang later when they learned it from others, not from the beginning of the tournament

In other words, how many are genuinely slow ?

I finished a game :partying_face:

Chuckle Cute Kid - S5QdHynWLVGDBQqQcv

by resigning it :laughing:

Les As De La Jungle Lol - RIq0RkhPWNd6nEVyIY


15 days later:

  • 45 games left, 67 players involved, 21 groups
  • 2 completed game
  • 2 players resigned
  • 1 player completed all his games


6 days later:

  • 44 games left, 65 players involved, 20 groups
  • 1 completed game
  • 1 player resigned
  • 2 players completed all their games
  • 1 group completed all its games



  • 40 games left, 59 players involved, 18 groups
  • 4 completed games
  • 6 players completed all their games
  • 2 groups completed all their games



10 more such weeks and we are done!


@ChrisW asked in the chat about rank improvement during the tournament.

I have rank data for tournament players since july the 16th 2020 and today I looked into that for the first time since early 2021.
There was a major change then, that reassessed all users ranks and rank history. My data have some issues since then. It looks like I was reading the wrong variable. Now I can no longer understand what’s wrong. There were a lot of glitches, some of them are still there.

I tried to clean it up a little and I found these players that had big improvements:

Alex358: from 18k up to 2d

PCG: from 21k up to 4k

AstroZombie: from 20k up to 6k

FcoRod: from 14k to 1d

Cadspen: from 21k to 4k

I’m not sure they are actually the biggest improvements, but they could be!
Congratulations to all of them.

Here is something different and a nice picture.

It shows the rank evolution for the whole of subscribers. Blue lines are older, yellow lines are more recent. They draw two different distributions due to the rank system change.
The blue “waves” in the heatmap below show the same thing: the system change made a “cut” in the distribution of ranks.

I already discussed that in this previous post:


No changes this week.



So I might assume that we reached the point where the round actually ended. I mean where the real slow players finished their games. This is because there are natural distributions, and if there was some other natural slow players, somebody should have ended the game this week. But now all what is left, is games unnatural slowed, and hence the gap. So from now on there will be many weeks with no changes.

A large proportion of games are at move 200 or more, so there will be changes. Then a few games are around move 160, and a small number of games are around move 100, they will take a lot of time to complete.


Next year I will (mutatis mutandis) do this poll again.
Don’t expect a significantly different result though.
And the year after that …