Through the Years: Long Correspondence

So perfect and fun. Good find!

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Apologies—had to switch to vacation mode as I am currently trying to give :dog2: Jasper the best palliative care I can, and there currently are some other Real Life and Virtual Life issues as well that I need to cope with, but I do try and play a move whenever I find some “mindspace” in order not to be the last person holding up the tournament, it comes and goes in waves though, like everything.


I wish I hadn’t lost all my tournament games very embarrassingly and very early on, so I could go on vacation mode in solidarity.


The TD suggested that, long time ago:

I read/hear/feel your solidarity loud and clear :relaxed: :pray: :man_bowing:


8 days later:

  • 48 games left, 69 players involved, 21 groups
  • 2 completed games
  • 1 disqualified player
  • 3 players completed all their games
  • 1 group completed all its games


6 days later:

  • 47 games left, 68 players involved, 21 groups
  • 1 completed game
  • 1 player resigned
  • 1 player completed all his games


And of note, one game of the detached 6 players (tail of people with 4+games still in progress) finished


So, those six, which obviously are dragging deliberately, plus their opponents are more than half of the remaining players. I wonder how many of the remaining 2 or three dozens are genuinely slow and how many are also saboteurs, but who joined the gang later when they learned it from others, not from the beginning of the tournament

In other words, how many are genuinely slow ?

I finished a game :partying_face:

Chuckle Cute Kid - S5QdHynWLVGDBQqQcv

by resigning it :laughing:

Les As De La Jungle Lol - RIq0RkhPWNd6nEVyIY