Through the Years: Long Correspondence

Today I was browsing the tournament’s page.
Many groups have finished their games and have this kind of picture:

Each group has its own.
I then thought about some kind of Rorschach test.
What do you see here?


And here?


And here?


I’ve found just one group which is perfectly cut in half:

I’m not sure though, since the page is very long and my attention span doesn’t last that long! :slight_smile:

By the way: no changes in tournament’s statistics this week too.


The number of disqualifications seem to distort these graphs which are usually sorted by points otherwise.

I’m wondering about some new query to follow progress in remaining games.
Something like “how many moves were played last week”.
That could help maybe in forecasting next completed games and having something to say weekly, since the game count will keep slowing down and we’ll have more and more week with the “no changes yet” label.


It could be a graph with time on the x-axis, number of moves on the y-axis, and one curve for each ongoing game.


Fun fact.
Here is the group with the highest drop out.


And the highest rank too, probably


I do not quite get what means large proportion and small number from 40.

Anyway, my opponent is one of those who clearly played from the start this childish game of moving in the last day, and he has 6 games around move 160.

Those with 200 moves are maybe those who did not thought from the start to this, and managed to make few moves before realizing that sabotaging the competition can be fun.

And those few, for sure are where both are dragging. Or was paused.

So yeah, these numbers convinced me that there are no more games played at natural pace.

Anyway, today I just received the move that convinced me that I have won my game. If this was the last game I would have resigned a won game and let the competition go ahead.

Anyway, my opponent fell into his own trap. Got bored with the game and made a blunder.
He clearly proved that he is not taking time to think. You cannot spend days on a game and then let a 20 points group to be cut, in exchange for 2 stones. Tournament Game: Through the Years: Long Correspondence (59567) R:1 (bumer vs HongAnhKhoa)

I said “large proportion” because I didn’t count precisely. For me, “large proportion” means about 50% or more.

This is a slow tournament.
It was since its definition, even before any player subscribed to it.
We can’t really complain for people playing it slow.

Here in the forum there is a little community of people curious about how and when it’ll have a second round.

If you don’t like this pace, you have many options. But coming here to complain about saboteurs looks out of place to me.
People who still follow this thread have already dealt with that. We know it’ll take years and are patiently looking at its progress. Measuring it week by week.

I understand this isn’t fun for many, but here we are! You can join us in this game if patience, if you want. You’re welcome!
But the feelings here are quite different from yours.


For info, there are 16 of 40 games (40%) over 200 moves. Whether or not that’s a “large proportion” is left up to the reader. A further 12 are between 150 and 200 moves, and the remaining 12 fewer than 150 moves. There is only one is below 100 moves, which is the game that is still paused and has been for 2 years, but we’ve had that discussion before…

FWIW, I don’t think many players (if any) are actually actively trying to drag out or “sabotage” the tournament. Many people (myself included) simply prioritise games by time left, and if there is 26 days, you might play a move in a different game instead, but when the clock gets down to 10 days, maybe you do play a move.


I have been doing some adhoc tracking of the people with the most games still ongoing. I think having the median move number in the remaining games could be of some value. I have seen many of these players still progressing in move counts but often “deadline” oriented still.

Sorry that your opponent’s move rate has reduced your enjoyment of the tournament. Resigning a won game could be a valid strategy in this tournament. DDK players should play as slow as possible, since they are likely to get stronger with some other practice outside the tournament, therefore bettering their chances. The time controls of this tournament can cause all sorts of alternate strategies than just the pure game rules. Opponents younger than I should play as slowly as possible, as they are likely to out live me :slight_smile: I suspect round two could be faster, as so many have already timed out, though that’s not a given. I hope to make it to round three at least.


Group with the most site supporters

Edit: there are more groups with 4 site supporters.

4 site sup groups


But still is a Go tournament, not a tournament of watching stones growing.

And the tournament was advertised as a big Go tournament, not as a competition in who is the slowest player. And so, many players were tricked into joining. Myself included. And the result is obvious. Many resigned. And hence, the tournament failed in its advertised purpose. To be a big one. Hence, was sabotaged. But unlike other players, I am quite patient, I have plenty of hobbies, . Go is not included. I had quit playing Go years ago. But I still read news about it, and this is how I found about this tournament. So I am not bored by waiting, since I do not actually wait.

But I do not like to lie to myself. I have a good friend who plays a lot of correspondence. And has a job, and a lot of activities, and seen him playing. And sometimes say, this one must wait I need to think at it, I do not have time today. And in cases like this those days and weeks of reserve time came in handy. But when you have only few games playing, and you always, absolutely always move with only hours left even the moves are to be decided in seconds since are too big, and forced, do not try to convince me that you really needed that time to think. This is the case of my opponent. Somebody else complained that his opponent also moved in last day while playing hundreds of live games meantime. After the guy complained, the saboteur quit playing live :))

Also, it may be look like complaining to you, but what I have done was just to point the phase in which we are now. Like you, I like stats. I followed the ones presented by you, and also wondered about the time when (statistically) the round two would have started if players would not have deliberately stalled the games. If it looks like complaining to you, is not my fault.

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Hmm, you are the second one to deduce this from my comment. It seems I fail to convey what I actually mean. I enjoy the game, and the struggle to get ahead on goban. It was a nice and close game and I enjoyed it. Sure I got annoyed twice by my own blunders, not by the childish attitude of my opponent. And now my opponent blundered. This would have erased my joy of wining the game. No fun to win on blunders. But because we do not play Go anymore in this tournament, but something else, the wining became enjoyable. So I am actually having fun. :slight_smile:

Me saying that I resign, is because I respect those who got annoyed by the dragging. If I would have been annoyed myself I would have resigned long long time ago. But to me mattered the game not the waiting. Now the game is over for me.

I agree with you. And that is why unlike you

I do not only think, but I am absolutely sure that some deliberately move as late as possible. Maybe not deliberately with intention to sabotage. This is why I used the notion of childish. They are immature, and found fun in this sideway idea. I trained plenty children and I know how they got bored easily, and find some other ways to entertain. Big Go competitions even have a lot of other side activities that attracts not only children.

And about any… Some of the players openly admitted that they regret not having the idea from the beginning, and hence wasting the chance of having the longest game in tournament. And it seems to me that organizers too encourage this. That paused game is proof. You say that it was discussed. I did not followed the discussions about this subject, since I did not cared about dragging, so I do not know what was decided. But since the game was left paused, the conclusions are obvious.

That is an awful lot of words that looks like complaining for it to be anything other than complaining. Whether it was your intent or not, it is certainly how you have come across.

Either way, this is unproductive. Yes, we know some players are playing extremely slowly, but nothing can or will change that. The tournament is playing as advertised. It is perhaps not playing as you expected/hoped, but the time settings were clear from the start, as was the likely length of the games.

For those willing to accept this, we wait on, for those not willing to accept this there is a readily available “resign from tournament” button. Each player must make the choice for themselves.

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Aside from that game that’s been paused for a long time, the tournament seems to slowly progress. Even from the tournaments name i can deduce it’s going to take a long time, so i patiently await updates. The whole thing about this tournament is it’s going to take a long time. So i have something to follow with interest even if there’s no update some weeks.

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Groups with the most unfinished games

and a handful of groups with 4 unfinished games.


No changes this week too.
But I have some more data!

Among the 40 games in progress:

  • 3 games are paused, two of them because of vacation
  • minimum number of moves is 73 (that’s the paused game)
  • maximum is 260 (that’s one of the games paused because of vacation)
  • average is 182

Next week we’ll be able to compare that to the new situation and maybe draw some chart.