Through the Years: Long Correspondence

This means that I did not got the expected result.
Do you read minds? :wink:
You know better than me what I am thinking?

In case that you do not know, everybody see things through their own perspective.
Kind of not being able to see the forest because of trees.
So if you see complaining in my comments, is your own obfuscation, not mine.
Please read again if you really want to see what I have said.
If you still see complain then read again, and again till you see the comment as a statement.
Then maybe you understood what I have said.

Can we please STOP …

  • complaining about the tournament or the tournament players (whoever may be doing this)

  • discussing whether someone is complaining about the tournament or the tournament players or not (whoever may be doing this)



(slow player, currently on vacation)


Hmmm, where are the rules of this thread?
I looked it up to see the topic of this thread, And I see a single rule.
To discuss about tournament.

One big part is discussing about when the tournament will end or when the second round will start. I am not quite active here. From over 1k comments I am not sure if I have read a quarter.

Also, do not remember writing something till now. And my only contribution was to pinpoint the time when the second round likely would have been started if if there would have not been cheaters.

I see no difference in this statement and all other statements regarding how many games ended, how many player quit or timed out, and so on. I know that some players are annoyed by the dragging. Other annoyed by the fact that the dragging is not acknowledged as what it is. But as it was said. Who thinks that is not fair, can quit. The tournament is free, no fee lost if quit. I also do not condone this attitude of pretending, but I weighed the pros and cons. The pro, enjoy the game, the con, the slight annoinment of being taken for stupid. And I decided that I want to continue. And I got to this stage. As I stated with my comment, I assume that till now the second round will not have been started anyway. Some players are actually this slow. So from now on we enter on the stage of fake slow.

I did not asked anything. Not even to be taken action against the paused game.

And I am being accused of complaining.
Now I am really annoyed.
I replied and cleared of the confusion.
All good till now.
This was the purpose of tournament, to take time and bond
This was the purpose of the forum.
To discuss.

Now comes the fist in the mouth, to stop complaining, or discussing about what is complaining.
So where is the bonding?
If somebody is so annoyed by the fakery and comes here to complain the only answer is… Go away!!!

I could reply in the same attitude and say that who does not like the complains, or discussions about what is a complain or not, simply can quit reading the thread or simply make a thread where discussion is not allowed.

But I will not reply in this way because it is not right.

Cheaters? I don’t see any.


Only two groups with zero disqualifications and resignations


It seems that the actual meaning escaped you.
Cheating not at Go, but at the other game that is played in this tournament.

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It seems that my comments flared up some tensions existing here so I will try to relax the atmosphere with a funny aspect that is not known here.

Purble suspected and accused me of complaining.
Implicitly he suspected me to be annoyed by the wait.
And this is really funny for me.
But none of you know why this is funny so I will reveal it.

Long time ago, not in this century, and obviously not this millennium either I started some Go through correspondence. I played before through correspondence only chess. But that was fast, only two or three days for a postcard to arrive, because was national tournaments. And also A game of chess has a lot fewer moves. But the games I started Were over the ocean. I live in Europe. My friend lived in USA. One letter usually arrived after ten days. Few were a little faster, fastest being 7 days. Plus the thinking time usually a pair of moves lasted a month. So it was obvious that the games will last maybe two decades. And still I started the games, three of them in parallel. So, I assume that now you see how funny is for me to be suspected of impatience.

The story of those games is much longer, but since it is not related with this tournament, except the detail of being long games, I will just finish the story mentioning that after a decade or more the internet arrived here too, so we continued by e-mail, and so we finished not after one more decade, but after an year or two.

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How many levels of complaints about complaints about complaints have we reached? I fear we will reach max recursion depth soon


I fear we won’t :sweat_smile:


I still don’t see any cheaters. Or tell me what established rules they cheat, i mean not the one coming from your head.

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Maybe you should reread the introduction of the tournament and then redefine what is a “normal pace” of the game (your words) in this tournament

Looks like you are very quick to see wrongly in other’s mind.
Cheating is a strong word pretty inappropriate here (unless you enjoy to offend the player you are having a game with)

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Please do not throw around public cheating accusations. If you feel that there is an actual issue, please report it to the moderators. It is unfair and inappropriate to publicly label people as cheaters. Further, complaints merely about the pace of play creates undue pressure on people to play faster.

The basic premise of this tournament is to allow for slow paced games, giving ample time for people to manage their games, whether they use the time for thinking or just generally handling other things in their life. Everyone is free to use all of their clock time and vacation time as they see fit.

If you do not like this sort of arrangement, then I recommend that you leave the tournament with the resign button on the tournament page.


Quick to see. Hmm, and it looks like seeing is a sin here.

Anyway, I made a statement and I stand by it.

And it was a casual statement.
I did not expected any answer, or at least something on the lines… yes it seems so, or maybe … meh, whatever. But the snappy answers I got reveals a lot of tension. And I do not understand why. This is just a chat, It was supposed to be casual and relaxing. These are just words. If are true why to be angry? Is it the truth. If you start having a fit, it will still remain the truth. If it is not, just prove it untrue, or ignore it.

Cheating strong word? Hmm, I doubt it. Lying and deceit seems the norm in real world. Only the strong are able to take by force what they want. The rest are forced to use whatever weapon they have left, and the lie is handy. And this is one of the reasons why I like the game of Go. Everything is on the display. No room for cheating. And by extension I considered this for the entire Go world. But here and there I got sometimes disappointed. Not everything happens on goban. And some things are not on display anymore. From the pairing to the competitions fees, weird things starts to happens. And I naively thought that we are a better breed of people. I thought that we can pass over these minor issues. But in time I learned that we are still humans with all the human faults. Mind games played alongside the goban. I have seen good friends split apart clubs split in two because one of another was unable to admit a mistake, or because o pointless greed. And this is one of the reasons I had quit playing Go too.

And lately with the AI reality we have seen cheating even in the pro world. So no, cheating is not a strong word, is just a sad reality. You may say that it is a very rare reality that we may ignore. Unfortunately I cannot. I am adept of that saying. If you mix an spoon of cream, in a bowl of what you have eaten last week, you will still have what you had. But if you mix a spoon of … in a bowl of cream… you will have the same result.

This tournament seemed a good initiative and convinced me to return and play again. I played and sometimes the an eye on the chat. All nice and good, but now this discussion starts to be the spoon In mentioned above.

Anyway, as I said, I have made a statement, surprisingly some anger flared up, I tried to clear the misunderstanding, and when I have seen that the issues are deeper than I care to dig, I ended it with an anecdote to clear up the tension and move on.

But I see that the angers still bubbles. But unfortunately my opinion will be not changed by bullying. I am too old to bend under this kind of pressure. So now I will end this discussion not with a smile but with a grimace of disgust.

And really hope that this will be the end of discussion flared by my comment. I mean I stopped and hope that you will stop too. But if somebody will continue to play mind games with me I will not shy away from a response. I will allow nobody to state that is hornless when I grabbed it by the horns.

Sure. Whatever. Enjoy your games!

Hello Bumer,

Did you actually read my comment? I did not point towards anyone …

Please note the “whoever may be doing this”—and note that I also asked that we stop discussing whether someone is complaining :wink:

So, if you’re actually not complaining, my comment does not apply to you … but you decided to complain about my comment then? Mh… :thinking:

The rules (TOS) for the whole of OGS also apply here.

Anyway, if you find that this tournament, which was explicitly announced as “slow” and “over the years“, is actually too slow for you, maybe you might really want to resign from the tournament. There’s nothing dishonourable about that.

AFAIK this will have no effect on your rank (please anyone correct me if I’m wrong about this).

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For the record, I find this thread useful and come visit it once in a while, if only to avoid being surprised if ever I’m still alive by the start of the second round. Part of the fun is indeed to stay alive as long as possible, so there is a bit more than Go rules and Tournament rules going on here. And it might be that this thread lives by special rules, too. I barely use the Forum otherwise, so I can’t say for sure what it is, maybe a kind of existential flavour.

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Yes I have read your comment, but I notice that you had not read mine.

I have quoted only please stop. And that meant both of your issues pointed.

Both complaining and discussing what is actually an complaint or not.

I am interested in complaints, because in this way I can find if my opinion is shared or not.
Also, discussing can clear things up. So, now seeing that you decided to continue I traced back my discussion to see what I did wrong. One step was to verify the definition of complaint.

Here is the first definition fed to me by uncle Google.

a statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

And I admit that I made a mistake. I carried to English definition a part of the meaning I had for complaint in my language. I mean something like reclamation. In my mind a complaint included the request of an action to be taken to solve the complaint. And since I did not asked for any action to be taken I was pretty sure that I was not complaining. So I was wrong from =this perspective.

I repeated again and again that I only made an statement. But the definition provided above says that a complaint is a statement. A statement about unsatisfactory, or unacceptable. But as I have said, I accepted the situation long time ago when I noticed it, and decided to continue the games. So from this point, my statement is not a complaint. But there is the part with unsatisfactory. Now let see. Was I unsatisfied or not? We can red my comments and decide if I was expressing unsatisfaction or not. My English is not perfect. Or as pointed out my american Go partner from decades ago, my English is terrible. I let native English speaker to decide that. But I know what I feel and what I have in mind. My statement was neutral.Something like … -We just passed a border stone, we are now not anymore in this state but in this other state. Now since the discussion degenerated, I checked few games too and I see that some games are in yose, so it may be real pace games, not dragged ones. Also can be true too that can be games played by adepts of the tortoise who did not realized that this is an option till later in the game. As I said, I remember that somebody said this in the chat.

Anyway, What I found unsatisfactory is the attempt to close the mouth to whoever is not chanting the official hymn.

And it seems that again we talk different languages. I mean thast my English is so bad that I fail to convey my message. When I said the rules of the thread I meant the subject to be discussed in this thread, not the general rules. For example if I start commenting about the film the Glory, not about this tournament, obviously I am offtopic and anybody is in the right to scold me.

Except the case that the movie sequence is directly related with this tournament. And there are two such sequences. One is about a game played along the months, one character of the movie is set to visit ocassionally other one. And they decide to play a game. place a move when the visitor drop by, and when the host notice the move. This way the host will know about the visit. There is something romantic in this kind of game. And I assume that such kind of romantism inspired this tournament. As you know now, I am not stranger of this romantism, since I played myself decades long games. Anyway, this romantism was cancelled by the pathetic game I unmasked (maybe is not the right word. incriminated is for sure too much, revealed also, maybe just marked or pointed at).

Also, the fact that you repeat the mantra with slow… and you should resign, is really weird to me.
One of two. You are really engraved in the idea of desperate players losing their minds in waiting of the next move and you are simply blind to the scene I depicted. I mean me in a bus pointing at a border stone. What in the world make you believe that if I point to a border stone I want to get out of the bus? The other one improbable, but not impossible, is that you have a weird sense of humor and you play mind games. You pretend not to understand, in order to push my buttons, maybe I lose my temper.

Also, you mention that resigning will not affect my rank. Clearly you did not paid attention to my comments. I explained that I am retired, I had quit playing Go long time ago, and I joined this tournament because it was announced to be big, (and also wanted to help it to be bigger with 1 unit) So is clear that I do not care at all about the rank.



So … maybe I totally misunderstood you …

Would you, could you, please, in one sentence or two, explain what exactly your issue is with with this tournament?
(And no worries, I’m not a native speaker either, my first language being German.)
I really want to understand.
And please do it without publicly naming/shaming any other player in that tournament.

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If this isn’t a mod feeding a troll I don’t know what it is.