Thue-Morse (Fair Sharing) Sequence: A possible alternative to komi?

TMG Round Robin Tourney

I think it’s time to stop procrastinating and prepare to war! Please comment in post or pm if you believe I have overlooked something in these rules. Players must post links to their games to this thread (or in pm to me) so that I can add them to the list of Tourney Games.

EDIT: The Tourney has begun! See the bracket at Let’s have some good games!

Game Rules

All games are games of TMG played on “”.
You may use physical and/or electronic aids to track the move order, but not to count the score, play out variations, or suggest moves.

TIme Control

30 minutes per player with a 60 second fischer increment per move, with the max time set to as high as OGS will allow.

Also see “Sealed Move” section below.


New Zealand unranked with 0.0 komi.



The tourney will last for n - 1 weeks where n is the number of participants. Each week you will be paired with a different participant until you have played everyone else once. The pairings will be posted on Challonge.


Upon the dawn of each new week, each participant should contact their designated opponent via forum and/or OGS pm. The two players should make mutual reasonable effort to arrange a time UTC at which they can both begin their game. If they agree to play with a sealed move, they should also designate a later date (preferably within the next ~36 hours) at which the game will be completed.

While players are highly encouraged to make all reasonable effort to complete their games within the week, leeway will be extended if the following conditions are met:
a) they can show reasonable effort on their part to arrange the game in a timely manner
b) they are not unduly postponing the Tourney by their delay.

If one player is unresponsive to attempts by the other to arrange the game, the second player may request an adjudicated win by forfeit. If I want to take advantage of this, I will ask another player to make the judgement call of whether or not to adjudicate this way.

If both players are unable to arrange a mutually agreeable game time despite mutual effort, they can request an adjudicated draw.

Sealed Move


Given the high degree of support splitting each game into multiple sessions has received, each game will be played in two sessions by default. Players should agree when initially scheduling the game on two variables: in how many sessions their game will be played, and (if played in more than one session) how many hours/minutes each session aside from the last will last. Each session, if not ending due to the game being completed, will end with a sealed move, which will only be revealed to the opponent at the advent of the next session.

The two session model assumes that 256 moves is a decent (probably high) estimate of the number of moves in the game. Adding in passes brings the estimate to around 300 moves. This gives 5 hours of increment (between both players), in addition to the 1 hour of main time, for a total of around 6 hours as a high estimate for total game time. This gives 3 hours as a good rough halfway point. Players may agree during scheduling to break after a different length of time, and must specify intervals if playing in three or more sessions, it is recommended to keep these numbers in mind when making such decisions.

Playing Each Session

When each session of a multi-session game begins, the players must make a note in chat containing the following information (exact wording not required as long as information is clearly communicated) (“a” may be skipped after the first session):
a) This game is being played over <number of sessions> using sealed moves between sessions.
b) This is session <session number (1-indexed)>, starting at <time>.
c) After <length of current session>, one player will seal a move and pause the game.
d) The game will resume for session <next session number> at <resumption time/date>.

The game start time can be found by clicking on “Game Information” from the game screen. The total number of sessions and the length of each should also be posted in the game chat at the beginning of the first session. This procedure is intended to ensure that the players are on the same page, as well as explaining what is going on to future and current spectators.

Once the allotted session time (default 3 hours for a two-session game) has passed, both players should mention in chat that they have recognized this. The player whose turn it is then decides on their move (or double move, as the case may be (in the edge case that the time for the session expires after the first half of a double move has been played, but before the second half has, only the second half is sealed)), but does not play it. Instead, once they have settled on their decision (with their clock still running), the player to play should type their sealed move into the Malkovich Log (Accessed by left-clicking on the word “chat” to the left of the chat input box. It will be visible to spectators but not the opponent until after the game.), and then pause the game. It should still be their turn according to OGS. Both players should then acknowledge that the game is paused until the resumption date/time. Unpausing by either player before this occurs is grounds for adjudicated loss by forfeit.

When both players arrive for the resumption of the game, they should unpause the game, and then the player who sealed a move must play that move. No moves may be played while the game is paused. If one player fails to show up, the players may work it out for themselves or ask for a win by forfeit to the present player at the present player’s discretion. Thereafter the game continues normally to conclusion.


Here is the current list of participants. In order to join, pm me either here or on, or post in this thread, and I will add you to the list. The tourney proper will start in 7 days, one week from now, on Sunday, June 7. I will post a link to the Challonge bracket to this thread when it begins.

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