Time of day live game statistics

I would love to know at what times during the week the most live games are ongoing so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly. Does anyone happen to know a way to find this out?
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It’s easy to get an estimate of that. Click the Watch button on the command line to see how many live games are being played and compare at different times of the day and days of the week. Last time I did that, some years ago, I found what one would expect for a U.S.-based server. More games were during the day (U.S. time) and, somewhat surprisingly, weekdays had more games than weekends.


Like a pro: playing Go ánd making money! :wink:

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That explains why I had such a tough time finding a match. Super early morning US time on a weekend… I’ll try to stay awake a bit longer I guess :yawning_face:


You can count on some EU players, Australia and even Asian players but yes the biggest part is from US.

One could draw a sample of games via the API and analyze when they were played. It requires programming and mathematical knowledge, but that’s not uncommon among Go players.

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