Timer countdown warning sound

Can we please have this. I really can’t think with the countdown – but if I turn off the sound I lose games from timeouts when I don’t know it’s my turn or the last byoyomi.

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I have found that the countdown on the ghost stone that is under my mouse cursor is enough for me. I can play without sounds and not lose on time since I can see the seconds counting down on the mouse cursor. This sadly doesn’t work for touch inputs.


Yes yes yes please!

What’s the deal with this? I find the countdown voice to be distracting and it seems like there should be an option to turn it off.

please!!! Please!!! This has to be an easy thing to do. Where is this to-do list? Can I submit a PR?

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Pretty please make the countdown optional.

Ok ok, done (in v5, up on beta) :slight_smile:

I’ll plan on revisiting some more controls about when and what sounds are triggered after v5, but for now you can at least silence the voice independently from the sound stones.


Sorry for old thread but I had the same kind sound delay experience the other day.
The countdown lady was speaking and she said “four” and I made my move and within a second I get “Error submitting move” and my page automatically refreshes and I have lost my timeout.
For me this feels like the server knew already that I had lost when I made my move but somehow my browser(client) was not properly synchronized.
I’m wondering if this was a one time occurrence or is there still some issues with client / server timings?
I’m using the latest Chrome browser