Timer Grace Period to compensate for network delay

I’ve had it happen very often that I lose a byoyomi period (or just outright the game on the last one) when I click a move very shortly before or on beat with the 0 on the countdown timer. Some other servers have a more or less long grace period here that makes this feel much more like one would expect too. I propose to implement a short (maybe start with 200 ms) grace period to prevent this usablity problem. Alternatively, an option could be given to make the countdown appear a specified offset before it actually ticks, this would achieve the same usability improvement without actually increasing the time that players have available.


Out of curiosity, do you know how long the grace periods are on other servers?

In my own games I try to pick generous time settings to account for internet-lapses

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I don’t remember wich server it was, since I saw it in a dwyrin video (some asian server I think but might be wrong on that) but it felt like almost an entire second in that video. I don’t actually know if it’s a real grace period or if they implemented it like the alternative I proposed above, but it felt much less punishing in the video. Actually placing a stone on the 0 on ogs almost always results in the loss of a period, now one can argue that that is as intended, but given the fact that network latency is a thing that exists I think at least an option to make the countdown appear earlier would be nice.

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I would love for this to be addressed… 200ms might be an OK starting point but I suspect reworking code would be the real solution.

I’ve personally lost a couple of games here when playing a move with 3-1 seconds (before voice counts 1) in my last period. One of these losses was on enterprise internet provider. I’ve seen this happen to a Twitch streamer as well.

Fox server feels like you have 2 seconds after it counts to 1.

edit: This thread(in the last couple of replies) specifically mentions the problem I am talking about. It seems to be different from a grace period or OP’s idea of offsetting the audio.

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If that bug actually still exists it would definitely explain why the timer feels so punishing.

Yes, I saw that recent Dwyrin video. IIRC it was 1 second grace on Foxy.

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