Timer incorrect?

I just played a 13x13 game with the time setting: Time Control
Simple: 25 seconds per move.

My opponent would always pause and warn me that my time was running out, but I could see 17s on the clock every time, so I didn’t see a problem. I eventually lost the game on time, because my clock ran out at what was shown to me as 15s. Is this a known issue with this time setting? It seems like my opponent could see my clock correctly, otherwise I doubt he would pause as often to warn me.



hmm very interesting. There used to be this issue, but I thought it has been resolved, and wanted to brush you off with connection issues as there has been no similar report for a looong time :smiley:

But upon further testing it really seems to be completely messed up. I guess people are just not using it. I will not annul the game since your opponent seemed comfortably ahead anyway, but please accept my appologies for the trouble :slight_smile: I will throw the bug report at our dev.

And thanks for letting us know!


Simple has been broken for so long that everybody knows not to use it (mostly) lol
Until it’s fixed, please use byo yomi time control with 0 main time and 1 period of your desired simple time


Thanks for looking into it! Glad it’s not just on my side :smile:

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I just tried to reproduce this bug and failed. Is it fixed?

Five attempts on the beta: https://beta.online-go.com/user/view/858

and one on the main: https://online-go.com/game/19087656

[Edit]: There was recent mention of this bug in ‘Help’ chat referring to this game: https://online-go.com/game/19078439

It was still a problem a November. See:

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