Top Improvements to OGS in 2019?

We’re getting close to the end of 2019 … I’ve only returned to OGS in the last month. I’m wondering what were the biggest improvements to the site this year (so far)?

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The biggest thing that comes to mind is @Eugene’s Joseki Explorer

Notable mentions also include:

@Flovo’s chat shortcuts
@RubyMineshaft’s improvements to game history

and my upgrade to auto adance

There were countless other improvements, probably some more notable than those I’ve mentioned, but these immediately came to mind :slight_smile:

Also, expected very soon (in the next week or two, I believe) is @anoek’s upgrade of our AI from LeelaZero to KataGo, which will afford us numerous possibilities moving into the future to upgrade our score estimation and auto-score features.


Automatic AI reviews probably should be at the top of the list.


Was that this year? :open_mouth: sorry anoek! :joy: It 100% should be on top of the list indeed!


Automatic AI reviews were enough to make me become a site supporter!

The joseki explorer is fantastic. So are the other improvements, really great work everyone!


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