Suggestion: Colorcoding game history

It occured to me, that we already distinguish between victories/losses against stronger/weaker opponents by color in the diagrams on the profile page (which i find useful), but not in the game history. i expect applying the same color-scheme to the game history would be a minor thing to do for anyone that isnt me :joy:.
what do you think?


should be doable


I like this as an idea to be honest.


I think this is a great idea :+1:t2:


Yay, game history that looks like a rainbow!


Do you think a steady gradient would be possible / look good?


Since the Result column is already colored based on win/loss what if it was changed to take into account opponent’s rank and whether or not game was ranked


I was thinking just changing the css to have the results column match the graph at the top.

This could be interesting! Worth looking into if it’s possible.

I took a stab at it and was able to get it working locally, but I only went based on opponent strength for now. I may go back and take a look at ranked vs unranked when I have a bit more time.

I went ahead and submitted a pull request, but it’s my first time contributing to open source so I’m not 100% sure I did it correctly.


Thanks for contributing to the community :heart: looks like good work from the images you attached


Looking forward to this. Any chance you could color the size of the game by the speed?

This is an odd request… blitz, live, and correspondence have no natural, implied, or obvious colours associated with them. What exactly would you propose for such an implementation? And how would you convey this meaning short of literally putting a key above the history?

I’m not sure what makes it odd.

It seems natural to want to know what kind of game it was. “Gee this person plays mostly blitz”.

Especially as a moderator: I need to know that, and it is painful to click on each one and click on the “Info” tab after that to find out.

I wasn’t proposing a solution, however, I was simply asking for a feature :wink:

(We seem to manage quite happily with colours on the open challenges graph and no legend :wink: )

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FWIW these are sorted by board size, not speed :wink:

From what I recall, it’s actually come up several times in the forums as a source of confusion.

aaah, fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: good thing you have no direct experience with designing colour schemes for the profile page UI :wink:

Mate that was agony enough. Someone else can do these colors :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha fair call :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be happy to look into it, but I don’t know how many more colors we can put on one table and still have it look good :laughing:

Perhaps adding another column for speed would be a better solution? Maybe some sort of small icon to the far left?

Edit: We could use the same icons from the /play view


Yeah not a bad idea, incidentally the same icons are on the same page up the top above the exploded ratings chart.

I think squeezing them between size and name could be done rather sleekly

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so was i :slight_smile:.

it seems you guys are taking it to the next level. with all the other information being discussed i am starting to think of this as a sort of work-around to the missing option of sorting game lists by different criteria. of course, if theres any chance of that happening … then that would be the better solution. i hope the result wont be too flashy, since i like the look of the site quite well (dark theme).

@RubyMineshaft would you post the pictures of what youve done? i am very curious :grin:.

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I kept it really simple, didn’t want to change the look too much because I also like the way it currently looks.

This is what it’s looking like now: