Tournament results bug?


I recently participated in this tournament linked below

I am confused by the final scoring and believe it may be bugged? Briefly, I defeated second place and placed 3rd. I resigned in the final match against 1st place and assumed I would place 2nd because of which. Am I missing something in the scoring algorithm? Does composite game scores count, I.e I should have continued played that achieve a higher score in my final game?

This is all in all not a big deal obviously but I’m hoping to understand the tournaments better for future play. Additionally, would be neat for it to be corrected if it is indeed a mistake.

Any help or clarifications are welcome, thanks y’all.

To add, I am entirely new and relatively naive to OGS and how it functions. If I am in the wrong area or it has been discussed before please let me know. Thanks!

I don’t know what’s going on but there have been complaints similar previously

Maybe @Feijoa can shed some light?

Tournaments are a world of their own on OGS. They are one of the older parts of the site and often do things your might not expect for reasons not many can understand! So in this case I would say it’s not you, it’s OGS. But I hope it doesn’t make you break things off with OGS!

Oh absolutely not leaving OGS I’ve enjoyed OGS a lot and it’s compatible with Just Go on steam which is massive for me.

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Well, let’s look at the API… Looks like it ended up like this:

user points net points
Atorrante 5 3
fuseki3 (DQ’ed) 2 1
joaco.bahamondes 1 1
Cat05 -10 0
NickDerpkins -3 2

As before:

It’s notable that only Cat05 and NickDerpkins got negative points. Everyone else seems to get points according to the formula here (with 1 extra point for winning the final that):

But Cat05 seems to have been assigned a -10 point penalty and Nick got -5. I can’t think of what would justify the negatives - @dexonsmith maybe you can shed some more light on this mystery?


Man I am so confused by all this haha

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Ogs tournaments move in mysterious ways!


You weren’t kidding lol

Based on what he said, I think I decipher that there was a mysterious penalty assigned to me that gave a wrong final standings?

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Could the -5 and -10 penalties be based on the players’ ranks?

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That would be an unrecoverable point deduction, as well it doesn’t make sense why Cat05 (21kyu) got hit with -10, I (14kyu) got hit with -5 and Atórrante (6kyu) got hit with 0. Unless it meant to add points and the value got mixed up to a negative, but even then it would be a totally unfair amount to distribute as a handicap in a tournament without handicaps.

Oh, brilliant. I think they were 15k and 21k at the beginning and everyone else was above 11k. Look at the default tournament settings:

In fact these default McMahon bars are stored in this tournament too, which is normal for default database field values, though they are supposed to be unused.

The only thing that had to go wrong was for this tournament to get confused and think it was a McMahon tournament when assigning initial points.

So was this effectively a McMahon double-elimination tournament?

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Can you help explain that and the implications of it to an idiot (me)?

If I’m understanding this correct, which I doubt, then the scoring for standings was flawed because incorrect or unintentional point deductions? As well in double elimination the game before the final should have effectively been a game for 2nd or 3rd place since it would have been both our second loss.

Yes, to be clear the server was definitely confused, you should have been second :2nd_place_medal:. There aren’t usually “point deductions” except in McMahon and Simultaneous McMahon tournaments.

You might think it’s weird that points have anything at all to do with standings in DE tournaments but that does at least help assign third place, and it makes it possible to assign the places systematically in all kinds of weird cases, like if the finalists resign from the tournament before the final match. Too bad it messed you up this time.


Is that worth reaching out to the devs to correct / update their code for future tournaments and how would I go about doing so?

Maybe @dexonsmith can comment, Feijoa mentioned him above.
Otherwise, maybe only @anoek can sort out issues with the automatic site wide tournaments. I’ve no idea if there are those bars set for all of them. If so then I suppose it can only not usually be a problem if only players above 10k place in the top three. Or that people don’t typically notice?

So really, it’s a big thank you for asking!

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OH, awesome blossom! Glad to be of help!

Very odd. Haven’t had a chance to look yet, but @Feijoa’s investigation seems sound.

One interesting thing is that this is an automatic site-wide tournament. Are other automatic D.E. tournaments seeing this behaviour or does it look like a one-off bug?

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I personally have no idea, but the general vibe from the few people I’ve heard from seem to believe that tournament standings work in mysterious ways. It may be worth a patch to all automatic DE tournaments if this bug is indeed consistent.