Tournaments section missing from wiki

The content seems to have disappeared from the Tournaments section of the wiki, to which the following should be a link: Create new page · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub

Can we get this restored?

I believe @Atorrante was updating it (which is great :slight_smile: ), and it looks like changing the name of the page also changes the url and I don’t know how to edit it at the moment, I need to figure out the syntax

Edit: I found a way to find the file itself and fixed the name of the page so the link works. I’ll check the other links.


I am working on it.
Somehow it switched to the right column.

You can find it here:

But I am not making much progress lately.

I don’t know how, but something went wrong with it.

Posted a topic with question of how to restore the old situation, but never got an answer.

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