Tournaments with a handicap and with a very long time control

@trohde proposed holding tournaments with a handicap and with a very long time control in the Equal Go Games group:

I do not mind such tournaments. However, I would like to explore the issue of their popularity among the players. Considering that a competition may take several years, I would not like to run such a tournament with just a few (less than 10) players participating.

Therefore, I launched this survey and I will be grateful to everyone who votes, will express his opinion or suggest an interesting idea about long-running tournaments.

Would you play in a tournament with a handicap and with a VERY long time control?

  • Yes, I will participate in tournaments with a handicap with VERY long time control.
  • No, such tournaments do not interest me.
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I still have ongoing tournaments from 2014 and 2015, so i don’t mind long tourneys ^____^


Nope no Problem at all with these settings


A long tourney kind of defeats the point of using handicap IMO since rank can change so much over that time


I agree with BHydden, and I also just prefer live games in general unless I’m super busy with work so I suppose my opinion is biased. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This can happen with long even game tournaments just as well, no? Defeats the point of using ZERO handicap :wink:

I’ve played many slow tournaments, with and w/o handicap, and of course our ranks changes over the time, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes phase-shifted, sometimes with one or both oscillating over a bandwidth of ±3 or even more stones … for me, none of this lessened the fun, or challenge, or learning experience.


Yeah, fair call :slight_smile: