Twitch Plays Go, all-day (Apr 28) special event on!

On Saturday April 28, Creators Invitational on OGS will be teaming up with and producers of The Surrounding Game movie to host the biggest introduction to Go in history! is the #1 online gaming platform in the world, with an estimated 100 million users a month. Twitch’s first special program on Go, “Twitch Plays Go!”, will be broadcast live from Twitch Studios in San Francisco starting at 11AM PST next Saturday, April 28. This is Twitch’s introduction to Go for the greater gaming community and will feature:

  • A tutorial on the rules of Go (hosted by us)
  • Special showing of The Surrounding Game + Q&A
  • The first ever massively-multiplayer online Go game (hosted by us)
  • Live commentary on the 2018 Creator’s Invitational Tournament and College Go Championship with organizer Stephen Hu and pro player/Go streamer Hajin Lee (Haylee)

Trophy for the 2018 Creator’s Invitational Tournament

We’ll be live in the studio to answer questions from the chat during the show and give commentary afterward on the making of the film. We hope to see you there!



Sadly, I’ll be travelling on that day … but hopefully you and others will document some of this event.


Yay! That sounds like the best Go outreach event I’ve ever heard of. Also MMO Go sounds interesting and I wonder how it works.


Can xhu finally get a game against Hajin Lee?

Or does he want to maintain the “0 losses” status?

I am more interested in the game. Any more information on that?
online game and GO, thats like 2 birds 1 stone.


finally gonna see that movie lol.

fr tho this is awesome.

Just one thing: “first ever” MMO game of Go is not true … there was Con-Go (but it seems it doesn’t exist anymore), I participated in one of those games (and I guess my suggestions were always the worst moves :wink: )


Is there a link for the reply of this event? I would love to watch it.

What exactly is an MMO game of go? What was the congoserver about?

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MMO = Massive Multiplayer Online Game

And ConGo was a crowdsource Go server … people were assigned to the black or white crowd, and then there were polls about which move was to be played next. But it was always only one game at a time.

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not always true.
heard the story about the smartest woman and the monty hall problem?

if the move is decided by a vote then you can expect it to be at best mediocre to above average. most player, like me, can’t see a good move even when it is pointed out.

Are we ready for new players coming in?

Interesting, how did those congo games turn out? Are there game records available?

Will the twitch thing be similar?

I wound up missing the live broadcast, but it looks like the video archive is available here:

EDIT: unfortunately, the video link now seems to be dead

“The Surrounding Game” documentary begins at 34:30


New link

Hey all,

I hope that you enjoyed watching this event! Very glad to be a part of it, and looking forward to seeing more newcomers in the Go scene :slight_smile:


I enjoyed it for sure! Is there a list of all the streamers that ran ads during the event? I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing, so I didn’t see all the ads, and it would be nice to know if there are streamers I’m not aware of that could be worth checking out…

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Absolutely loved it! Every part of it was good. And those half-point games–wow! Kudos to everyone involved.