Unable to accept even games (resolved)

Hi, I knew today about this rank adjustment and I am now 5k, then I decided to play against a 4k, but the program said to me “your rank is to low to accept this game”, and the same happened with a 6k… what do you say about that?


That seems to be a bug which somehow occured with the rank adjustment. Several people have already pointed it out on the rank adjustment thread, and I’m sure it will get fixed soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, anoek is aware of this and is trying to fix it at this very moment. :slight_smile:

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This should be fixed now


Many of the visible game offers give “Your rank is too high” error. Isn’t it a bug if the offer is visible even though a player can’t accept it?

No, that’s an option. You need to unselect
show ineligible challenges

That’s weird, it was unselected when I checked and afaik I haven’t touched it.

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