Unable to resign from rengo

So I joined this rengo game 친선 대국 to find out what OGS rengo are all about, and eventually decided that it wasn’t for me and resigned from the game as I had seen others do. However, the game is still keeping track of when it is my turn, and although it no longer shows up in my home page, it does show up in the count in the move indicator, and when it’s the only game left for me to move in, I can bring up the game by clicking the move indicator.

I thought I had resigned on October 3, but I’ve played several more moves in the game since then. I could try resigning again, but if that’s going to have no other effect than removing the game from my home page (already done), then it would just be annoying to the remaining players for them to have to wait for me to time out, which is why I resumed moving when I found that I wasn’t actually resigned from the game.

Perhaps this has already been fixed, but I thought it was weird and that I should mention it.


I think there’s “nothing to lose” by trying to resign again.

Definitely, but the game is almost over and by now I’ve gotten invested in it, also, now that there are only nine players total, it’s no longer weeks and weeks between my turn to move. So it’s not an actual problem for me anymore, I just thought y’all should know since I hadn’t found any other threads about this.

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