Update of Game History Table

(Edit: I moved this thread out from the “winner marker” thread, because it has become rather more than that. EuG)

When we are at optimizing the game history, there is much redundant information in there.

  • One username is repeated in every row. Just one column for “opponent” would do.
  • If I won or lost is already mentioned in the last column. I understand that colour and text are difficult, so
    • Show a trophy in rows the profile owner won, don’t show any she hasn’t. One can use different trophies for ranked and unranked games.
    • Crop the result to X.5 or R
    • The rank difference can be color coded on any column. (The player column would probably be a better place anyways).
  • The color of the player can be shown by a colored circle on the far left of the history. Besides usernames it is harder to see at a glance who played which. (The information we are looking for is more often: “I played black” than “Black lost”.

If I may insist for mobile phone users like me: eliminating redundancy is awesome!


“Sometimes” implies “not overwhelmingly” and I’d say it is.
What would be a third way tho? Be creative :stuck_out_tongue:

Alphabetically? Account creation?

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You put “alphabetically” before “account creation” on purpose, didn’t you?

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I wish, I’m too tired to be that funny


What if you could choose in the settings wether you’d like to have games sorted into color columns or winner/loser columns? :innocent:


Toggle crowd reporting!


I believe that is indeed a card on the table




Something like this…

(If someone can find a player with a better game history to test this on in Beta that’d be great)

Oh, I’m still working on showing what colour the player/their opponent was. Ideas welcome.


I don’t think it’s intuitively obvious whether the trophy means the player won or the opponent won… I also regrettably have no ideas on how to solve this :pensive:

If I assume correctly that trophy still means player won, maybe something like this could work?

:trophy: :white_circle: v :black_circle: $opponent_name


Also, if you’re going to rearrange the columns anyway, might I petition that speed and size are somehow next to each other?

How would speed look between size and game name, for instance?

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Yeah it’s a bit of a hassle though you quickly work out that it means the player won I think.

Here it is with player colour added, and the winner mark moved over, and the speed by the size

I’m not wild about the column of colours.


Is there any other way if we want to avoid listing the players name on every row?

I personally would put the speed icon on the other side of size, but that level of nit-pickyness might be beyond our current discussion

I like this one, I think it has all the information. The only thing that might be confusing is that annulled games have also no trophy, and at first glance they seem like losses.

Maybe there could be a way to combine the trophy thingie and the result thingie?

For example “click on trophy to expand result”?


I think the “proper” answer to this would be to be able to filter out annulled games completely.

I might even see if I can weave that in. Filtering/sorting of this table is a long-time wish list, but a full solution for that is a big deal. I might be able to do just “annulled game filter” though.


This would be great, especially if it caught mass time out annulments not labelled annulled. (If that’s still a thing, I’ve not checked recently)

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I think the problem in doing this without a big change including server support from anoek is that you’d be left without replacement rows on each page :cry:

IE although it says “25 results per page” in the picture above, you’d be left with just the non-annulled rows showing.

It would need server support to fill the page back up to the right number of entries.

Would that be too yuck?


Would there be a way to include the text “annulled game” in the empty row?