Updating Doc & FAQ

For those who are interested, I edited the Reviews, Demos and Puzzle tab.


  • replacing numbered lists by bullets
  • adding some screenshots
  • removing some outdated info

So if my favourite proofreader has some time to go through it, I would appreciate it.


Coincidentally, I was planning tonight to go over the third leg of your three earlier edits. I will add this to my “To Do” list. I haven’t been on OGS much in the last few weeks, because my work has become very difficult and time consuming lately. Happily, I have decided to retire in July.


@Atorrante Here are edits for “The game view and playing games.” Questions are welcome.

Third bullet—“besides”—delete terminal s

Fifth bullet—insert “is” after “chat”

Seventh bullet—Substitute “choose” for the first “chose.” Delete “click the top right avatar and chose” and substitute “…hover over your avatar in the top right and select the “Custom” board among the boards that appear.” Add s to “kind” and “are” before “available”

Making moves

Second paragraph—put commas before and after “however”

Third paragraph—Since OGS is primarily a U.S. server, I think double quote marks should be used, with the commas and period inside the quote mark.


“opponents”—Add apostrophe before the s

“their”—Substitute “your”

“the move” —Add a comma after “move”

“…it may even lose the player one point”—Delete and substitute “you may even lose one point, depending on the ruleset.” Saying “player” is ambiguous; it is better to continue with the second person pronoun. I suggest the final clause as an explanation for “may.”

“game”—Add a comma after

“on the above”—Delete and substitute “in the area above the game chat.”

Resigning or Canceling a game

“also”—Substitute “click”

“a game prior to playing any stone”—This is outdated. Substitute “before the sixth move of the game”

“This is done…”—Close up the two lines on the previous sentence. Right now there is a gap.

“both players have made a move.”—This is outdated. Substitute "when the sixth move is played.”

Last sentence—Add at beginning: “In the game tab,”

Blak—Add c to make “Black”

“striked”—Substitute “struck”

Requesting and granting an undo

“Note”—Delete, or at least lowercase it.

“turn)”—Add period after.

“only”—Delete and add “only” after “visible”

“undo”—Add period after

Pausing and resuming a game

No corrections

Chatting with your opponent and spectators

“Do realise that”—Delete (it is unnecessary) and start with “Your”

“coordinate in chat”—Add comma after

“un a game”—Substitute “in” for “un” and add a comma after “game”

“…you can…chat modes:”—Substitute “you can click the Chat button, on the left of the textbox, to shuffle through three chat modes:”

Reviewing past moves

“in a game”—Add comma after

“actions”—Add colon after

Explore variations

“only”—Delete and add it before “if”

“enabled”—Why does this have an asterisk after it?

“something like this”—Add colon after

“Share”—Put period inside quote

Add two sentences after “Share.”—"If you do not name the variation, the system will consecutively number it (e.g., Variation 7). A variation becomes its own line item in a chat; it cannot be embedded in a larger paragraph.”

“until the games”—Delete the s

Planning conditional moves

“only”—Delete and add it before “if”

“only”—Delete and add it before “when”

“correspondence game”—Add a comma after

“plan out” —Delete “out”

“makes a move” —Add a comma after

How and when to end a game

“pointless moves”—Delete the hyphen and substitute an em dash with no space before and after. The em dash is available in Word by Insert, Symbol; it is unicode 2014, or cntrl + alt + num dash. Or you can copy and paste one of the em dashes that I use in these line items.

“playing”—Put “or” before it

“self-atari moves”—Delete the hyphen and substitute an em dash with no space before and after.

“If you do this”—I think it would be better to delete this or to substitute an explanation, such as “Stalling is prohibited because it forces your opponent to needlessly wait.”

“yet”—Delete the second “yet”; it is redundant.

“However”—Add comma after


“unexperienced”—Substitute “Inexperienced” and add “in particular” after “players”

“no doubt…”—Substitute from here to end of sentence: “probably continued playing some games when there was no chance of winning whatsoever.”

“Over the years”—Add comma after

“there have been”—Delete

“on the forums”—Substitute “in the Forums”

“dealing”—Substitute “have dealt”

“There doesn’t seem to be a…”—Delete sentence and substitute “No clear consensus about it has emerged.”

“Just some guidelines”—Delete “Just” and capitalize “Some”

Capitalize first letter in each bullet

“there is never an obligation”—Substitute “You are never obligated”

“sometimes there are players who try”—Substitute “Some players will try

“if they have…”—Substitute “if they object to continuing the game.” If you keep the original, then “pursue” must be changed to “pursuing”

“It” —Fix typo: “If”

“resign:”—Change the colon into a comma

“resigning”—Add a comma after

Scoring (the stone removal phase)

“players pass” —Add “consecutively” after

“status of groups”—Delete the comma and add “and verify that all borders are closed.”

“and if it is correct”—Substitute “If the status of the board is marked correctly,”

“non digital”—Hyphenate

About the counting methods, I urge that the bullets be eliminated and that just one sentence be given for each, using the first bullet text in each case. Offering options in this is potentially confusing. Beginners typically want clear and quick guidelines, and the first bullet in each ruleset is the method most commonly used, I think.

“Clicking on stones marks contiguous groups”—Substitute “Clicking on stones or spaces marks contiguous groups or territory.”

“clicking stones alive or dead wrongly”—I think it would be better to say “wrongly marking the board…” so as to include territory, but if you think otherwise, it can stand as is.

“marked correctly”—Add comma after

“offer differently” —Add “a” = “offer a differently”

“position” —Add comma after

“annul them”—Substitute “annul the game.”

Additional Game Actions

“cursor over”—Add “the column,” after


“only”—Delete and add before “if”


“four”—This should be “five” unless it has changed recently

Estimate score

“Chinese rules”—Add a comma after

“result to”—Substitute “result as”

Call moderator

“is run by”—Substitute “consists of”

“It will in fact make the reaction time slower for us.”—Substitute this continuation from the previous sentence: “…times, which will delay a response because of the confusion it causes.”

“If no-one is showing up immediately”—Substitute “If no one responds quickly,”

“We will get to you eventually,”—Substitute “A moderator will handle the report eventually,”

Download SGF

“can not” —Substitute “cannot”

“has probably”—Reverse word order: “probably has”


@Atorrante Here are edits for the “Reviews, Demos and Puzzles” section. Questions are welcome.

Review and Existing Game

“else’s)”—Add comma after

“right hand side slide out” —Substitute “right-hand, slide-out”

Review tools

“creating”—Substitute “you create” to avoid a dangling participle

“real-time”—Delete the hyphen and substitute a space

“(labelled 1-10 on the picture above)”—I don’t see this. I assume you removed it when you changed numbers to bullets. If so, this should be deleted.

“-.”—Delete the hyphen and period in front of “One

One color moves:”—Shouldn’t this be a new paragraph? Hyphenate One color.

“With these tools”—Add comma after

“Everyone”—Add comma after

“select “pass control””—Add period inside quote mark.

Create & Delete a Demo Board

“to review”—Add “a” between = “to a review”

“specify the settings”—Add comma after

“and name the players”—Delete “and” and add a comma after

“chose”—Substitute “choose”

“confirm the settings”—Add comma after

“confusion:”—Substitute comma for colon


“Endgame.)”—Parenthesis should be inside the period.

I don’t understand the description of how to get to the puzzles page (probably my fault). Somewhere I think it should say that Puzzles are in the pull-down menu under “Learn.”

“New puzzle”—Add period inside quote mark.

Solving Puzzles

“collection”—Add comma after

“position –”—Delete the hyphen and use a comma after “position”

“doing so”—Add comma after

“case red”—Add “a” between = “case a red”

“screen”—Add comma after

“last move,” —Delete comma

“whole puzzle”—Add period

“author”—Add comma after

“correct)”—Add period and capitalize next word

“appear”—Add comma after

“next”—Add “the” before

Puzzle tools

“any)”—Add period

“colour”—Delete u and close up

Randomization”—This whole bullet should be in roman

“Allow”—Substitute “This allows”

Edit:”—Remove the underlines in the following text; they are unnecessary.

“current”—Substitute “the”

“Allows”—Substitute “It allows”

Creating Puzzles

“starts”—Add comma after

Moves”—Add comma after and delete hyphen


Are boldface categories deliberately missing for bullets one and four?

“- Create collection”—Delete hyphen and close up

“Chose”—Substitute “Choose”

“Chose”—Substitute “Choose”

“player himself” —Delete “himself”


“Wrong”—Put the period inside the quote mark

“variations” —Add comma after

“again).” —Put period inside parenthesis.


Oh well, where’s a pedant when we need one? :smile:

I’m just joking: thanks a lot for your meticulous commitment! I really appreciate that.


Yes, I am a pedant on English style. However, I never exercise my pedantry on posts (unless someone pisses me off), because I greatly admire the English language abilities of many of the native foreign-language speakers on OGS.


Completely off topic, but here are some amusing quotes on pedantry.


@Conrad_Melville, I have edited this chapter of Doc & FAQ.
I hope that I have already cleared most of the punctuation issues, so that your work will become easier.
So, if you have time for it, and are still willing to proofread, you can tackle this chapter on AI review.


If there are other people who want to help keeping the Documentation and FAQ updated, they are of course welcome to help. To be able to edit, you need a Github account.


To prevent the Documentation and FAQ from becoming a chaos of different styles, I think that we need an agreement on writing rules and lay out. I don’t think that this already exists, but maybe I am wrong.


I know there already are several moderators and others, who regularly contribute to Documentation and FAQ. I think it is good to work together.


I’ll try to get to it in the next couple days.

Sorry this is so late. A bad driver destroyed my mailbox, and work has left me too tired to do much in the evenings lately.

Chapter title—Capitalize review since this is a chapter title

“does not take”—Substitute “takes no”

“slide out” —Hyphenate

“only supported” —Transpose = “supported only”

“9x9 13x13”—Insert commas = “9x9, 13x13,”

The Win Ratio Bar

This needs to incorporate the fact that the bar toggles with a display of the estimated score difference. If done in one section, it could be headlined as “The Win Ratio/Score Difference Bar.” Alternatively, this section could be followed by a separate section headlined as “The Score Difference Bar.”

“on”—Substitute “of”

“drop down”—Hyphenate

“there be more AI reviews made”—Substitute “more AI reviews be desired”

The Graph

“whichever”—Substitute “either”

“if, and how”—Delete comma after “if”

“several moves,”—Delete comma

The Board

“AI suggested”—Hyphenate

The move that was played .

“was played and the percentage loss.” —Substitute “was played. The number represents the percentage loss when the Win Ratio Bar is used, or the point loss when the Score Difference Bar is used.”

“win ratio changes” —Insert “or point loss” = “win ratio or point loss changes”

For Site Supporters Only

“You can chose”—Substitute “You can choose”

“only supports”—Transpose = “supports only”

“standard komi (7.5)” —Shouldn’t this say “(6.5 for territory scoring or 7.5 for area scoring)”?

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np, thx for all.

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The Win Ratio Bar

This needs to incorporate the fact that the bar toggles with a display of the estimated score difference. If done in one section, it could be headlined as “The Win Ratio/Score Difference Bar.” Alternatively, this section could be followed by a separate section headlined as “The Score Difference Bar.”

Don’t understand what you mean.

Okay. I will write an addition. First, here are a couple corrections on this section:

84,2%—Substitute a period for the comma.

“Should there be more AI reviews be desired”— Substitute “Should more AI reviews be desired”

Change the headline to read “The Win Ratio/Score Difference Bar”

Between the first and second paragraph, substitute the following new paragraph:

“The Win Ratio Bar can be toggled to a Score Difference Bar by flipping the switch located below the display of key moves. This bar shows the estimated difference in score at the current move.”

[Insert graphics showing the switch and showing the Score Difference Bar]

Additional changes are needed to take into account the Score Difference Bar:

The graph

“The top is 100%”— Substitute “In this example, the top is 100%”

“are usually the moves,”—Delete the comma

“the most attention on.”—Add new sentence after: “When the toggle switch is set to “Score,” the vertical axis will be expressed in points.”


The answer to the question you asked in another thread ([POLL] Shorten the 5 minute disconnection timer - #44 by Atorrante) is no, the U.S. does not have anything comparable to the French Academy. For spelling, people refer to any large dictionary, such as Webster’s 2nd edition, Merriam Webster, Random House Unabridged, etc.

Instead of an authoritative government body to dictate style in American English, we use one of five standard manuals to guide us, depending on the context: Chicago (University of Chicago; for scholarly work in the humanities), APA (American Psychological Association; for scientific research), GPO (Government Printing Office; for government work), AP (Associated Press; for newspapers, magazines, etc.), and MLA (Modern Languages Association; for papers in college and high school). In addition, many specialized communities have their own style manual; for example, the military Services each has its own particular style guide. The same thing occurs among specialized publications, where such guides are called “house style.”

Style consists of five levels of increasing difficulty: punctuation, grammar, usage, syntax, and narrative. The style manuals, grammar books, and Words into Type cover punctuation and grammar. For the higher levels of style, my favorite books are Fowler’s Modern English Usage (first edition only), Follett’s Modern American Usage, Herbert Spencer’s Philosophy of Style (really just a long essay), and Gower’s The Complete Plain Words. I don’t know of a good book on syntax; the one I have is so technical and jargon ridden that it is virtually unreadable (lol). Narrative is covered by many books about writing fiction or nonfiction, but a proper sense of narrative is gained best through extensive reading.


Some weeks ago I had a short chat with (I think) @sm2023 about organising a handicap tournament. I advised @sm2023 to check out the link below.

And also decided to have a look myself.

Hmmm …, so I am planning a thorough update of the Tournaments chapter of the Documentation and FAQ.

When I am finished with this project, I will post the result (via a link) here, inviting you to have a look and give feedback.

Since I don’t know everything there is to know about tournaments, I hope that there are some experienced tournaments organisers who will give me feedback.

And I hope that @Conrad_Melville will have a good check of punctuation and other grammatical issues.