Upgrade to OGS Ranking System

Attention OGS community,

Recently there has been some discussion of OGS ranks not aligning well with those of other servers and organizations. Our team of mathematical and technical experts has been working night and day on a solution, which we are now preparing to implement.

Your new rank ® will be based on the following formula:

R = 3x – (p*r)/2 + y(ζ – 1)

Where r is your current win-loss record, p is your current rating, x is number of games you have played on OGS, y is your user ID number, 2 is the KGS factor, 3 is the AGA factor, 1 is the EGF factor, and ζ, your user quotient, which is unique to each user and is calculated based on the following factors:

• if you have played more than 5 games against random bot
• if you have ever tried to change your name to some variant of “crodgers”
• if you have a pirate flag
• if you ever put up an open challenge for a 2x2 game
• if your profile page crashes most browsers.

The mathematical formula determining the degree to which these factors affect your user quotient is proprietary.

We expect that your new OGS ranking should align properly with those of all other systems.


So how much (if any) of this isn’t satire? :slight_smile:

I calculated it, and it would put me at around 470 kyu. Sounds about right :smiley:
(I used ζ = 0 since I don’t fit any of the criteria)


We do take ranking issues seriously. Aside from that, this post is entirely satire. April fool’s! :smile:


Ok, I started getting mighty suspicious when I got to the formula. Not to mention, using R and r as two different variables? Who does that? (Apologies to anyone who does that, but if you do, STOP!)


Well, I know nothing about math, so…there you go :stuck_out_tongue:

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Having applied the new formula [3717-(11)/2+64817*(1-1)], my new rank is 2150.5, or 1 dan. Surprisingly accurate. I approve.



So, wanna play? I’ll be gentle and take only 450 handicap stones.


Don’t worry. 360 should be enough. :smile:

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I started reading the replies at this point lol

With ζ being 0…my current rank is -89,256k. That would be like 89,256 DAN. Guys, I’m starting teaching go, I’ll charge only 200 US$ the hour, take it now before I’m out of room!


I am highly offended.

360 handicap stones is the same as giving white the first move and a 360.5 point komi.


I feel we somehow didn’t calculate this in the same way…


When he said 1dan, he was comparing the 2000ish result he got with his actual rank. And my number was pretty negative due to my extremely large ID number.

Mark you have r=265, and you filled in 1 lol (r=win-loss)

OMG I should put up a 2x2 challenge ASAP, otherwise my rank will go bananas :smiley:


Or you could change your name to cr0dgers.


@legas you’re right! Alas, I discovered I didn’t include my current rating either.

Here’s the new formula: 3717-(2189362/97)/2+64817*(1.064-1)

I didn’t know what to put for ζ since I have once put up a 2x2 challenge (briefly, so briefly). Therefore I put 1.064 to account for the brevity. (Does that change anything? I’m not sure.)

Anyway, my new rank is 2214.569, or 2 dan. Much better if you ask me. Hearty approval here!


Don’t listen to this post. It is a lie. I just played a 2x2-game and my rank did not change at all.


I find the use of western-style characters in the formula to be blatantly US-centric and highly offensive.