Use profile tournaments mess

In a user’s profile page, the “tournaments” listing shows every single tournament ever. I looked at some 7d’s page and it had many screenfuls of tournaments >.>
Would be nice to have a user’s profile overview only show a few of the most recent tournaments by default (sorted by date) and hide the rest. The hidden tournaments could be viewed by clicking some button.
In my own profile, I want to navigate to my currently active tournaments’ pages. Yet my profile is cluttered with tournaments where I’m disqualified or which are already over. So I resort to bookmarks in my web browser.


Can you help me understand this better - I’m probably in morning pre-coffee denseness, but on my profile and on yours I only see tournaments that are underway.

On my profile it says:

" Tournaments

Not participating in any tournaments"

It doesn’t show old ones.

On yours I see 5 which each appear to be active…


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op is probably confused about “tournaments that he joined that are still running” and “every single tournament ever”.

sometimes a certain player’s part in the tournament is finished, but the tournament will not be over for a long time because one or two players for whatever reason could drag the tournament into eternity. in that case the tournament will remain on the players homescreen. when every single player’s game is played and the tournament is finished, it will disappear, although in my experience this may takes up to 2 years.

hell, i got one from 4/2017 and the last game started in 3/2018, and the 2 9d is still at it :joy:.


Just out of curiosity, what are the timing settings on that tournament? That seems insane for a single game to take over a year :thinking:.

1 day per move, pause on weekends.


and also vacations for either player :slight_smile:


Anecdotes about inordinately drawn-out tournaments go here.

Off Topic remark re: slow games

I just want to mention that the word “inordinately” is a totally subjective judgement :sunglasses:

I for one have played games that went for well over two years, IIRC.


That’s the absolute definition of “inordinately” :wink:


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