User Profile Redesign

@RubyMineshaft has started a rework of the profile page and is looking for feedback on his first draft. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions here or in the comments section of the GitHub Issue:


Please keep in mind when viewing this proposal that this is a rough draft and is largely unstyled.
Mainly probing to gauge interest at this stage.


Definitely interested :slight_smile:


Glad you posted this actually, because I was toying with the idea of trying something similar myself… But honestly I’m pretty rubbish at css :joy: so knowing you’re spearheading this means I don’t need to worry :wink:
*engages back-seat driver mode*

Me too - getting layout right is a complete PITA :smiley:


It looks great! My first thought is, as mentioned on the GitHub page, does it work on a phone? I nearly only use my phone to access ogs and then only to access game history since I use the app for playing.
Which leads me to a question/suggestion. What do people viewing the profile page look for first? For me it’s game history since active games and activity are available on the home page. So when you currently click through to your profile page you are faced with the same list of games to scroll past in order to get to the history.
I don’t know if when viewing other people’s profiles the interest is in history or active games - I only look at other profiles to see the rating graph!


Great thoughts, I think your last two paragraphs could be summarised as “what should the default tab be when you first click onto a profile page”

[quote=“teapoweredrobot, post:6, topic:23602”]I only look at other profiles to see the rating graph!
Yes, and some of the history, but graph + pie could be enough on a small screen

You don’t get the pie on a phone thankfully. Not mine anyway.

Fascinating. You consider this to be a good thing?

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Yes sorry @BHydden, I made the mistake of trying to write before my morning cuppa!

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hahahahaha somehow I keep making that mistake too… with similar results :wink:

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Yes, what’s it for? Just takes up space with an incompressible thing. You get the same info under the chart don’t you (don’t get me started on the chart on a phone) and if I wanted to do s detailed analysis of me or someone I would actually fire up big Bertha on my desk and use a proper screen to do it on.

Edit: ok so the chart. All I need is peak rating, trend and current rating. At least peak rating is hard to see. And if I touch it then it all goes screwy with changing the date range and it’s really hard to sort that out!

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OK since you asked.

The primary purpose of the pie chart was initially to show at a glance your ratio of “playing up vs playing down”.

The ranking system works best overall, and also finds your own rank best, when you play up and down evenly.

You can see at a glance whether you are due to play up or down from the pie chart.

I find this very useful when I’ve had a run of losses, and I look and see that actually I have been playing stronger people, and I’m due to play a weaker person.

This is the “strong colour vs dull colour” line on the pie chart.

The “green vs red” line is just for interest, but is interesting: at a glance, your win loss ratio.

If you look at my own pie chart you can see that my win loss ratio is almost even, but I have been playing up more than down. This corresponds to a dip in my rating, which tells us that I am probably slightly better than my current rating says, and I’m due to play down a few times.



Didn’t even bother replying, as I knew you wouldn’t be far away :wink:

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Ok, thanks @Eugene! Fascinating but far to clever for me, or my visualisation doesn’t work like that. For me I look st the chart and if current is below peak rating then I figure they are potentially under rated at the mo. If current rating is the peak then they are improving or possibly over rated (if steep recently). That’s all I need to try and find a ladder opponent! I think.

I guess there’s one thing you’re missing out on: the “permission” to play weaker players.

This whole thing came about out of a discussion on that topic. Some people felt it was best to always play up, for the experience of playing someone better. But - if everyone always plays up, then no-one can get a game, right?

Some people like to play down because they love the feeling of winning. But if you do that your rating plateaus.

Some people feel guilty about playing down because of “beating weaker people”. This is wrong-thinking, because weaker people need the experience of playing up.

So if you look at the line in the pie chart between “bright and dark” you can see which way you are due to play, and be free of that sort of concern (if you are the sort of person who worries about that in the first place).


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I like the pie. It’s simple and clear.
Way better than trying to dig a messy bunch of squares.
I miss it on my mobile.
Graph + pie would be best for me.

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I think it looks great. No complaints or comments… other than the usual request of “Any chance those columns in the game history are sortable?!”


I suppose I’m more “the game chooses the player, you know”.
I’m usually about on the middle of tournaments and for ladders I pick weaker players and stronger players pick on me. And I hardly play any other games.

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