Using the Analysis function during game play

Hi . I’m new to the forum so excuse me if this question has already been answered . My query is similar to the “using the joseki dictionary during play” query .
As a 13K player I struggle to read out the consequences of some moves and have realised I can use the analysis function to play them out before actually making my move .
Q1 Do others do this?
Q2 Is it allowed within the rules ? ,face to face game play it would be impossible anyway.
Q3 Is it bad etiquette?





Analysis tool is there exactly for this use, it is totally ok to use it when needed. I use anal. tool too for reading long ladders, capturing races, and other sequences where every liberty matter, like squeezes and counting ko threats. Its good tool for visual aid, i say that just use it whenever you feel like it.


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Correct me if I am wrong but
Analysis tool is allowed for correspondence games.
Analysis tool is not allowed for live/blitz games.

This is by default, can be changed with agreement by both players.
" In an ongoing game, this feature is only available to the players if In-game analysis is not disabled for the game. After the game this feature is always enabled." FAQ


Not true, it is allowed for live and blitz too, unless the “disable analysis” box has been checked by the game creator / tournament director. So having the analysis tools in all games is the default, being able to disabling them is an optional feature for games where those not wanted.

(Tho i dont recommend doing game analyses in the middle of blitz game, thats usually guaranteed way for losing by timeout xD)


Ok my bad.
More here
And here

Still have to check if disabled by default

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This is incorrect, or at least very misleading.

Players are never allowed to use any artificial intelligence tools during a game. You can only analyze the game with AI after it has finished.

Here is the policy from the Terms of Service

No Cheating or Computer Help

You can NEVER use Go programs (Leela, Zen, etc.) or neural networks to analyze current ongoing games unless specifically permitted (e.g., a computer tournament). The only type of computer assistance allowed is games databases for opening lines and joseki databases for corner patterns in correspondence Go. You cannot receive ANY outside assistance on live or blitz Go games.

The “Disable/Enable AI review” option in the menu to the right of the chat box only changes whether or not you can see the AI review that automatically happens after the game is finished.

The original poster does not even seem to be asking about AI analysis, but rather the use of the “Analyze Game” feature (for exploring variations), which (as others have explained) is available as an option to use if the game was created with that enabled. As long as that feature is enabled, you can use it. If it is not enabled, you should not use circumvent it (e.g., by exploring variations on a separate board). Whether or not analysis is enabled can also be found in the game information.


@yebellz: 100% Correct. I meant the AI review and not artificial intelligence as such. AI review can be enabled/disabled n the pull down menu right of the chat box.

I misread the post and answered a question that was not put as such.


Whether or not AI review is enabled (a post-game tool) is irrelevant to the initial question of whether one should use the analysis feature (exploring variations) during a game.


In my opinion, this is very bad etiquette. One of the worst possible when playing online.

And I also have a question. Why is artificial intelligence needed where the point is to use your own intelligence? It looks as meaningful as if someone came to the gym wearing an exoskeleton to lift a barbell.


Your question is fine but getting a bit off topic, maybe start a new thread?

About Q3 answer, sure let’s open the debate again (and again)
First thing to consider is that OGS’ roots are correspondence games. And for correspondence players, it seems fair to some (most?) of them to use the help of analysis tools.
You have the option to still disable it, so the question came with automatch. Who will win the argument?

The original question does not appear to be asking anything about AI. It is against the rules to use AI during a game. However, after a game is finished, using AI to review a game is acceptable (and even automatically provided by the site).

I believe the original question is only asking about whether one can explore variations with the analysis tool (without any AI assistance). I think many people here do not find that to be bad etiquette. Some think otherwise, but they can always play games with analysis disabled.


This reply sums up my enquiry , I was not considering using AI just using the analysis tool .
Thanks to all for the input :+1:


It is surely acceptable, but I wouldn’t recommend the use of analysis on live games, this habit can really limit the improvement of your reading skill.


Is there an option to disable it in automatch for live/blitz games? I feel like this is cheating in those environments.

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There isn’t that option in automatch, only in custom games.
Note that creating your own offer is working well (some say even better) as automatch to find quickly a game.

Related topic to discuss it.


Being discussed elsewhere as noted above.