V5.0 upgrade - Monday Feb. 13th 8am EST


@joellercoaster :

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OK… it just looks terrifying, but all is good. In the meantime, should we go on vacation to avoid timing out in games that have temporarily lost moves, but we don’t want to corrupt the game record?


I don’t think you’ll break anything, but I also don’t think you’ll lose on time. I cross my fingers though :stuck_out_tongue:


What if we make moves in games that are now available to play, but had lost moves?

(Also, any idea on when the game world will be consistent again and I can start freaking out for realz? Oops I mean playing games again :P)


but I may be wrong about that. Devs should give the true answer


Clicking the speaker icon off/on in the game window doesn’t remember the sound volume slider setting. So first adjusting the volume and then muting the sound(clicking the speaker icon) and then unmuting will always turn the volume to 50% and not where it was set before.


a couple minor new ones with live data -

  • now that the display and server synch are asynch, its very easy to get into a state in the ladder display pages where the buttons to scroll between the pages get lost. i’ve repeatedly gotten into a state where on page 2, there is no button leading to page1

  • the layout for the chat channel selection pane is fixed, and truncates the right side. that means there is no way for me to unsubscribe from the many tournament channels I was auto-subscribed to

  • i miss the board display on my home page, the game state was always alot more meaningful than my opponents name, etc

  • safari 8.0.8 started displaying again, but the layout is a mess and it throws up an error (I think the same one) when trying to sign in


I totally agree. I hope there will be a setting to get this back.


http://imgur.com/a/bUKmJ is the chat supposed to be smushed to the right like that…?


@jmdingess Mine is like that too. The Dock panel covers part of the time and the ranks of the users in the chat list.


I’ve played a blitz game https://online-go.com/game/7782599 and two things happend.
First one time countdown wasn’t working as it was in previous version. It overlapsed itself and went on after the move have been made. [9,9,8,8,(move),7,6]
Second: the last move at K4 in the game. I made it and there was no countdown, but there was a button to “pass”. So i quictly refreshed the page and made this move again. The game was completly frozen, I wrote to chat “?” but it didn’t appear in chat menu and my opponents replies didn’t appear either. In previous version there would be a large notification saying that move wasn’t done and chat will be on.
May be this feedback will help you to improve the site.


On the Home Screen, the games in which it is your move are not at the top. Is this a bug or feature request?


I wonder if the server still upgrading… I’m getting this error on the picture and don’t see any of my games on home page…


FYI, I experienced what several other members also seem to have experienced: I timed out on a 9x9 game, while there was still >24h on the clock. Moreover, looking in the archive, that game isn’t even complete, the system seems to have forgotten the last two moves. On my profile page it now reads “Has recently timed out of a game”.


The iOS home page is kind of a mess. I looked for some kind of controls to edit what I see there and can’t seem to do anything about how this looks. Is something not working right?


I noticed this too.


Hi there so on the old version of OGS i could see the games i was playing as actual go boards, and on this new version i cant seem to find a way to get that back. Is this a permanent change or just something i have not been able to find yet?

Also its not showing how many games that its my turn in… on the old version there was a black circle on the top right of the screen that would show me how many games that it was my turn.


Interestingly I still have the game miniatures overview, even though all my other settings were reset …

BTW I cannot find a place where to change the overview preference. (not that I’d want to change it :wink: )


I’m very jealous right now, i want my mini game overviews :frowning: However thus far everything seems pretty cool.


it depends on the number of games. We’ll see if the devs are planning to go back to the old behaviour