V5.0 upgrade - Monday Feb. 13th 8am EST


Hahaha me too (still having the boards). I was like, wait, there’s another view? :slight_smile:

I’d really like some kind of word from the devs, even a “we’re finished” or “stand by, still replaying move data, just go away for three hours and come back”.


I dearly hope you’re mistaken or kidding :wink:


Haha I’m not mistaken nor kidding, sorry :slight_smile: Hopefully they’ll go back to the old behaviour. I suppose they were curious about the feedback they’d receive.

They’re still working on things, and in these cases it’s very difficult to know how much time it will take.


I dont think there should be a limit to the number of games, i’m currently playing i think 20 correspondence games, and i need the visual prompt to help me play. as it also reminds me of the game and what needs to be done in the game, as well as how badly im loosing said games. (Or winning that sometimes happens too).

But seriously having a limit to the number of games one can ‘See’ as smaller thumbnails or whatever their called, is a little silly.

If it aint broke dont fix it, sort of thing.


Just to show you, i have two images, the first i want to draw your attention to where the game notifications should be, there is nothing there.

and in the second image, its not giving me any information on the games, that i’m currently in.


Ah, that maybe because your games are still being updated.

I suppose the decision was based on the fact that thumbnails take very long to load when there are many games. But again:


I noticed in the new Game History layout on the profile page, the color contrast b/w won (green), and lost (red) games is much lower than it was before.

Why choose such muddy shades of red and green? It’s hard to tell them apart.

Also, this is inconsistent with the light blue shade used for overall # of losses in the Statistics section.

It seems to me like using the old red and green shades might be best?


i agree, i think the making them more pale was perhaps a slightly bad idea, it does make it hard to see them.


I see, any indication on how long it will take to update my games?


Do you have a changelog for 5.0 somewhere accessible?


Hard to say.



Yes, https://online-go.com/docs/about -> https://online-go.com/docs/changelog


I see, well i now had the game notification thing, and the info has now come up on my screen for the games… so progress was fast on that count. so thank you.


A few comments:

  1. I noticed that in game the sidebar cuts off part of the chat panel. I’m guessing this is because the chat panel is misaligned?

  1. When you create a Review for the game, the automatically generated link in the chat box on the original game used to be blue. Now it’s black (same color as other chat comments). I think making it blue would help make it stand out more.

3. For Review mode, I was wondering if there’s anyway to move the chat box further up, so that you can see it alongside the board?
I like to chat with my opponents when reviewing, and it’s bothersome to scroll up and down to type in the chatbox and look at the board.
It would be cool if we had the option to swap the “Move Comments” box with the chatbox.

EDIT: Oh! I see that the board stays centered on the screen no matter how you scroll. My chat isn’t showing up in the review atm (not sure if server problems or b/c I’m the only one there), but I will test this out again later. If this really works, my biggest gripe with the UI will be fixed!!


Very minor bug. The trophy display is a single horizontal line. Maybe offer the options to toggle trophies to a simple count?


Another minor issue: The current Malkovich color makes it hard to read the light text of the night mode and orange supporter names.


Another minor issue: there’s no option in Settings to turn off the gold name for supporters.


I’m having the exact same problem with the freezing, I refreshed the page and the move was not made. My chat menu did not show new messages either. This went for about 4 minutes.


I’m seeing the banners appear in strange places.

From https://online-go.com/game/7707031:

I’m using Safari 10 under Mac OS 10.11.6.


And because I can only post one image at a time, here’s the second, from https://online-go.com/chat