V5.0 upgrade - Monday Feb. 13th 8am EST


In a lot of places (like in profile links to finished games) links are the same style as plain text. They do get underlined when hovered, but it would really make interface more intuitive if user could see what they can click.


eidolonia@gmail.com reports:
Could you post on the forums for me, please? Since the 5.0 upgrade I can no longer log in, either from Safari on my iPhone or Chrome on my PC – I get a 500 Server Error in both cases.


Are you using some sort of issue tracker or anything to keep a more organized list of issues, or is it best to just post things we notice on the forums?


Bot games are auto scored… but rarely it gets stuck?


typing in chat box gave no feedback.


It does not work in chrome to me. its ok with firefox

below the error if it can help

(index):179 Welcome to OGS
(index):172 GET https://cdn.online-go.com/5.0/locale/null.4c34a4d565a7b65d123ee7be9424c850.js
(anonymous) @ (index):172
ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:1Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘null’ of undefined
at Object. (ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:1)
at t (ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:1)
at Object. (ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:1)
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at Object. (ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:47)
at t (ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:1)
at ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:1
at ogs.5.0-433-g50c51a5.js:1


Good news to follow up on my other comment: all my games seem to be back, not timed out.

BUT … is the Malkovich Log gone? AND ALL MY M LOGS are now visible in the game chat in my games :scream:

(At least now I will have a cheap excuse when I lose those games :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Thanks for the info, @flowing! I didn’t participate in the Beta test because my OCD demands that I procrastinate with other things.)

(feeling a bit stupid now, BTW)


Malkovich got fused with the game chat, but should still be invisble for your opponent. You can switch between game chat and Malkovich by clicking the “Chat” button on the left of the chat input field.
You can distinguish between the two modes by the green background color.

(Now your excuse is gone) :stuck_out_tongue:


We NEED THE ALARM BACK when the game starts…


I seem to have lost my preferences. I can no longer choose the board style or the dark background. Is that coming back or is it only me?



Hi, @vaughnhannon ! Click the icon/your avatar in the upper right corner, the settings are there.


I seem not to see any messages while in-game. I can write them normally, they just don’t appear in the chat dialog window. Probably the opponent is seeing them (I think), but I don’t. Using Safari. Otherly the update is looking good! =)

Some tidying up and bugs as usual at the start, but I really like it.

EDIT: One more overall thing that came to mind, in chat rooms you should show the date also when the message has been sent. Right now it’s really hard to know if it’s been week or one hour since the last message has been sent.


create game layout bug on MacBook:


Ahhhh. Excellent thank you!


The new version is really quick and responsive. Thanks for awsome work, I’m sure the minor quirks will be quickly worked out!


there is some weird game notification bug where the notification is stuck.

when i clicked the notification, it just takes me to my last game.


played a game, worked great, thanks for the hard work!

it seems the new version does not work on IE,

Q: anyway to change the user’s icon?
I am not picky, but the default one really looks urgly :slight_smile:

by the way, all old game records seem to be there, great!


A: Yes! go to your profile -> click the pencil symbol -> click your picture. Then you should be able to upload one of your choice.


tried that, but let me try again


In your profile, there is a small pencil icon in the upper right side, very easy to miss. When you click it it will change to a saving icon you will need later.

Anyway, all is working surprisingly fine for me :smiley: just to provide some balance to the onslaught of issues :slight_smile: