V5.0 upgrade - Monday Feb. 13th 8am EST


seconding this, ios home page is not usable (safari from ios)

also I am a site supporter yet see ads on the regular home page


Also the Groups on my profile is not aligned properly. Sometimes there’re two groups on the same line.


My #1 complain so far: I loved to see the person’s country flag on their profile image in a match. It’s honestly one of my favorite thing of the website, to see from which country the other person is from. It’s great to face people from so many different countries… It would be nice to see that flag again. I’m disappointed it disapeared :frowning:

And I dislike the new colors when you look at people’s profile.
Red and green have been faded out when you look at match history… they’re too… grey, too sad… Also, in the ( Win | Lost ) match bar, above stats (still on someone’s profile), I think it should be back to green and red, instead of green in blue.

This being said, good job on the update/upgrade! It seems way more friendly to new users this way :slight_smile:


it worked now, thanks!!!

yes, the updating seems surprisingly smooth, more than I would have expected
a big thank-you to all of you who have worked hard behind the screen :clap:


It’d be nice if you could toggle a setting for zen mode to have clock or not.


I also haven’t been able to login to the main server. Tonight was my first attempt since the change to the beta server. When I tried to login, it rejected me with a large red X at the top and a message that said something about not fitting the category “assign.” I tried several times including adding an underline between my user names (i.e., Conrad_Melville"). I decided to shut down and try again, but now I get a completely blank page, so I suspect that my IP has been blocked as a potential hacker due to my repeated tries. I tried accessing via links from other pages and a Bing search without luck. I managed to get here in the forum (which recognized me) via a link on Bing. OGS team, please help!


In previous version when game started tab with game opened automatically. So I could read chat in other tab or window and don’t fear that I will miss game start. Now game starts but I still in other window.

btw: Long Boards Bugs


Some things are overlapping. On the puzzle page, everything over the marked red line will click on the bottom puzzle. This makes it so you have to carefully aim for the very bottom sliver of the next page button.

When viewing a game, the right side bar is fine on my 1920x1080 monitor but when I move the window over to my 1366x768 monitor (yes very strange native resolution…) it causes the bar to cover up the right of the chat and white players information.

My browser is Google Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)


A new user reports the following problems with secure connections to new site:

Safari and Firefox are returning failure establishing a secure connection. Firefox provide detailed information about this situation in general: https://support.mozilla.org/t5/Fix-slowness-crashing-error/What-does-quot-Your-connection-is-not-secure-quot-mean/ta-p/30354

Opera and Vivaldi connect to the site using HTTPS.

This is bizarre. At first I thought I’d find out it was Safari. I was glad Firefox has a problem too. I was surprised when Opera connected. Vivaldi is a product created by some of the people who did Opera, who don’t like how it’s been getting dumbed down; I don’t do much with it but the report above was say to get.

Vivaldi (Developer Tools) provides:

Security Overview

This page is secure (valid HTTPS).

Valid Certificate
The connection to this site is using a valid, trusted server certificate.

Secure Connection
The connection to this site is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_ECDSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM).

Secure Resources
All resources on this page are served securely.

OS X 10.9.5
Safari 9.1.3
Firefox 51.0.1
Opera 43.0.2442.806
Vivaldi 1.7.735.46


The “Tournament starts in X minutes” text when viewing a tournament doesn’t update as the timer runs down.


I have the same problem, but in Firefox I use I can change the look of page by increasing or decreasing it by using keys CTRL + “+” or CTRL + “-” and it solvee the problem. But I have no idea if in Chrome you have similar function.


After finishing a game (either by resignation or by counting) the indicator showing number of games to play (white circle in upper right corner of window) still counts this ended game as to play. It can be fixed by closing the window and reopening it (reload of the window do not works), but imho it have to be fixed. I use the newest version (51.0.1) of Firefox and Windows XP.


The user list in the English chat room changes order on its own every once in a while. It’s always in relatively the same order (since some users leave or join but aneok is always on top). I’ve confirmed in chat that it happens to everyone in the chat and that user list order is the same for everyone.


Thank you for putting the thumbnails back on the profile page for active games… I really really appreciate that.


Overall (having been playing on the beta site) I am pleased to see it in production!

However, I appear not to be getting rating points for winning rated games at the moment.


When visiting my profile on firefox, there is no “red color” on the blitz rank “progress bar”. Just a grey bar. The orange-yellow, purple and blue of the other bars are there. In chrome, the bars’ colors show as expected.


Tried to play a live game on mobile, timed-out due to error processing move and page refresh did nothing except show me a blank screen. I had to go back to my OGS home page, but with the lag I had to wait around 1 minute, being in my last byo yomi I lost.
Game link: https://online-go.com/game/7789739

I just want to report the error so it’s taken care of :wink:


When you click the “+” or “-” in the left chat sidebar, it expands or collapses all 3 channels (Group, Tournament and Global) instead of expanding/collapsing individually. Also tournament channel is filled with blitz 19x19 and live 9x9 tournament chats (5 of each). The name of these tournaments are also cut off because they are too long.


Hi Julko,

it also occurs to me with Firefox on Android.

An ended game still counts in that notifications circle.



The mobile view on iOS is not working very well. Sorry if my comments are repetitive, but I don’t have time to review the whole thread anymore. Hope these are helpful:

  1. Chat comments don’t show up
  2. Can’t get information about our opponent. Their name banner doesn’t reveal who they are. Only an icon.
  3. Home page text columns overlap.
  4. Still can’t figure out which games are my turn to play. Can only use the indicator number to get directly to them.
    Thanks for the hard work!