V5.0 upgrade - Monday Feb. 13th 8am EST


Not sure if it’s related to the upgrade, but I keep getting a tournament has ended notification. When I follow the link it takes me to a users profile. Even though the notification goes away, it keeps coming back.



I have the same:


I can no longer leave chat channels. The button to leave just doesn’t appear.

@anoek the spaghetti code intensifies. Apparently the leave button reappears when there is an unread message in the channel.


Everything on ogs works very slow on my computers with windows 7 and Chrome after update. Other sites works as before. Only activation of Turbo in Opera solved the problem. Anyone has same problem?

“[19:55]jager: does it take longer to load things her enow or is it just my imagination?
[19:59]jager: seems a lot longer for me to the point i thought it was broken.
[20:01]jmdingess: way longerr”


I’ve played in one of these automatically created live tournaments. “Tournament (…) has started” and “Tournament (…) has ended” notifications didn’t link to the tournament, but instead to a user page with the same id.


Few things i’ve come across, some i mentioned in chat

  • Accepting dead stones goes to red if i close the tab
  • Leaving chatrooms is possible only if there is new messages on that room, without unread msgs “leave” button won’t appear when hoovering mouse over
  • Sorting of puzzles and tournaments doesn’t work
  • There are old games missing from game history, seems like every time i search it differs how old games it finds
  • Since game name acts as a link, some old games that don’t have anything as names can’t be accessed
  • Games on game list are not organized your-moves-first anymore
  • Friendlist stays open till i close it manually, it will keep showin even if i go to another page
  • Game thumbnails act as images (at least on chrome) so right clicking brings up “save image as…/copy image” menu instead “open link in…”

Also some UI things that i couldn’t help noticing:


In Firefox I use under Windows XP new OGS works significant faster.


A large part of the database is missing, both in the old games and the rank graph. This is not urgent, of course.


In my game at https://online-go.com/game/7804509 I’ve noticed that clicking the “people watching” icon at the bottom right of the page no longer brings up the list of people for me. This bug has only been visible for the last day or so. I notice in the JS log I’m seeing a 404 on https://cdn.online-go.com/5.0/ogs.min.js.map . I’m using Safari 10 under Mac OS 10.11


A bug comination that I regard as pretty urgent:

Blocking chat does not make the chat disappear during the game and switching to Malkovich does not hide ordinary chat anymore, so there is no way now to get easily rid of unwanted remarks during a game.


zen mode, for a temporary fix.


I believe there is a bug in e-mail notification, I got mail “your tournament is over” with link “https://online-go.com/tournaments/22583”, while it should be “https://online-go.com/tournament/22583” (one additional “s” in “tournament”).

So when I click on the link in the email notification, I get “page not found” error…



A quick suggestion when clicking on the little black circle with the number of games where it’s my move… After I submit my move, please change it so that it doesn’t immediately jump to the next game, as I lose the opportunity to put in conditional moves. The few extra steps involved in backtracking to add them later just means it just doesn’t happen.


@NiallMcCaffrey you can change this in your settings.


Hi, a few things i found, in the first picture chat window shows up cut (overlapped) which makes very difficult to read what is written and chat windows shows the person always online (green dot next to the name). On the second picture an error is shown when fingerprinting protection is enabled on Brave browser (might be the case in other browsers too). Thanks for the great work you guys are doing!

Android 7.1.1 Brave Browser (Chromium)


wow, so much thread. just wanted to report a strange issue.

i had a notification saying ‘you have no time left to make your move’, which
is strange since I play corr and make a few moves each day, including yesterday.

so I clicked into the game, and I had quite a bit of time remaining, i think 11 hours?

there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the game, it allowed me to post my next move


I wanted to put this in the beta-testing thread, but it’s closed.

I just want to say that I am currently undefeated on beta.online-go.com, with a record of 10-0.

(Yes, they were all timeouts. Persistence is strength, in Go apparently.)


I am pretty sure that there was no joellercoaster on beta, so your claim is very doubtful.


I am pretty sure I am not called Joellercoaster on all sites where I play. My claim is plausible, though unverified :slight_smile:


Why does it matter though?