Variation thumbnail in chat feature request

Just saw this feature included in the iOS app and now I want it for the main site too :heart:

(Screen shot of the in-development fan-made OGS iOS app.)

It would 100% need to be a setting, I’m thinking with a separate toggle for each individual board too…

Hmm hard to say, the mini boards already exist, since we use them as thumbnails… But i couldn’t say whether it’s possible to make them show variations or embed them in chat.


I think that would be AWESOME!

Also, <ping>ing @HongAnhKhoa so he knows about the waves his feature makes.


To make them show a variation shouldn’t be difficult. They are just small gobans after all. I don’t think embedding them in the chat window would be hard.

The goban drawing code will need some fine-tuning to make it look good.


To pile on, I’d love to see game links show up this way too. But that could also be achieved generically by digging into the OG meta tags (which is one of the coolest OGS mini-features IMO)

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I think there’s also an api-request that returns an image of the current board state. I could look for it, I have it somewhere.

I just tried that and entered a few random numbers for gamenumber, some gave errors, probably too high :sweat_smile:, but here’s a nice one:

I don’t know why it doesn’t show the image but if you click it you can see the image.

Ah, here’s the actual game:
pasting the link gives a preview, as we know:




Oh wow :open_mouth:

Thanks, @Igloo! I peeked into your post, and now I know that the correct way is to do it this:


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