Wanting to learn Go in Greece!

After seeing Go being played in a Hollywood movie and a K drama, I because curious about learning the game. However, I live in Greece, I don’t own a Go board, and I know no one who plays the game who could teach me in person (unless I’m wrong). I was considering making my own board and using white and black buttons…

How possible is it to learn the game to a competent level using only online resources? Thanks!


Hello @omaira.gill and welcome to OGS! :blush:

It is certainly possible to teach yourself Go from online resources. But your chances of getting to a high level, your motivation and probably your enjoyment of the game in general will be much higher if you can connect to the Go community in real life and learn from real people!

If you live in or near a big city, chances are that other Go players also live there. It might even have a Go club with regular meetups. Check out this website which was made to find local players and clubs: baduk.club

Here on OGS, we have many Greek regulars like @Gia and @JethOrensin who might help you with insider information. :wink: And you might want to join this group: Hellas - Greek Group

Good luck and enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:
There are people playing the game and teaching in person, in case you live in Athens. There is a facebook group were you can contact most of them or even find people playing in other cities (e.g. Thessaloniki):

By chance there have been two new players posting questions the past days, so the last two posts are about the weekly meetings and were to buy a very value for money board, if you so wish.

I quote from the current organiser of all those things Petros Zazanis :
" Καλησπέρα. Γίνονται συναντήσεις κάθε Τετάρτη στο Καφενειακό Καφενείο ΓΚΥΖΗ ΓΚΥΖΗ κατά τις 18:00. Αν θες άλλη ώρα/μέρα μπορούμε να κανονίσουμε και διαδικτυακά συνεδρίες για να σου δείξουμε τα βασικά."

So, you can either meet them in person once per week or send a FB message to Petros or send him a friend request through OGS ( his nickname is @easylifer ) and talk to him about online meetings.

How possible is it to learn the game to a competent level using only online resources?

For teaching material we have this beginner’s book in the Greek language which you can download for free:

There are printed copies of it that are also given for free. Last time I checked, Petros had those as well, so he can provide you with a copy if you prefer physical/tangible books.

For other online teaching material you can check this page:

If you have any other questions or need more details for all the above, let me know.
I hope you will enjoy the game and have fun :slight_smile:


Welcome @omaira.gill!

What @JethOrensin said about Greece, and also if you feel comfortable sharing where you live it may be possible to arrange a game, some of us don’t live in Athens.

(thanks @Animiral for the heads up)


OH WOW! How exciting :slight_smile: I live in Athens, so it would be great to meet some people, I don’t know if Go boards are a thing that appear at some of the Game cons/comic cons which I enjoy going to here. Busy mother of 3, but I would love to make time for this hobby. I will check the communities out. So happy about this! Ευχαριστω παρα πολυ!


I’ve never been to one, but there is a possibility.
Be that as it may, you can buy a Go board online for a very affordable price (a magnetic set is less that 20 euros), since it might be a good game to play with your children :slight_smile: (though if they are too young the stones can be a choking hazard).

Some links, since I posted them in the FB group a couple a days ago and I can re-locate them easily:


εντελως απλό ξύλινο cardboard:


The magnetic seems small though and the stones might be too small to handle, so I’d go for cardboard one since it also provides a 13X13 and a 9X9 board, which are good choice for new players :slight_smile:
(αν και αυτό που είναι σαν βαλιτσάκι είναι πολύ value for money. Τώρα το είδα κι εγώ.)

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Yep buying a go set is of course a very good idea (like to teach around you or bring your own when contaacting another player)
You may go directly to a full size board (19x19), good compromise is wood with glass stones, i found myself one for 40 euros in a shop. If you have the money, buy something you like, a good material is part of the pleasure. Buy the right size too for confort. Magnet is not that useful IMHO.
You can always reduce to 13x13 or 9x9 with some piece of papers.
Whatever your choice, happy gaming!

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Or you could build your own go board.

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Sure, just a little bit of warning on building your set as firstly finding 361 nice cheap replacement of the stones is not that obvious, which lead to visit a shop (or online) where finally you can find boards not that much more expensive as DIY.

So unless some pleasure around DIY you may be better satisfied by buying as EU countries have some offers, not like some other places (Afrika, South America coming to mind)

For the final note, i am not in Greece but i can ensure you that the greek players mentioned here are very active on OGS forum and i guess well welcoming new players there.

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