Weiqi as Paradigm for Chinese Strategic Thinking

I’m thinking it might be better to have one thread called “academic studies relating to Go” or some similar title and collecting all these things together in one place. I actually wonder if there might not be an existing thread that would be suitable, though I’ve not searched.


Good idea. Better than al bunch of scattered topics I guess.
Maybe @VikingKoala would like to host such a topic.
And place it in the Go resources category.

Why not. I am fascinated by the amount of research that actually exists to back up the claims of the educative and psychological benefits of go (apart from cultural-historical approaches).

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I think the same. A single topic with the links for starting. Maybe then some contributors would join. Or point to one of the books you ll be more interested in the same thread.
I mean if you have ideas on a specific topic, not just a title and a link, you can see to expand its own thread.

Maybe a moderator can merge the following research topics

and the documentary topics



I also think that that topic could better be placed in the category

instead of the General Go Chat.