Werewolf Game 4: Madness of the Martian Mimics

You’ve yet to convince me otherwise. Are we to believe you are not a freak simply because you say you are not?

Frankly, you’ve dominated the conversation from the moment we landed on this damned planet in what I perceive as an attempt at drawing the crew’s attention to others and away from yourself.


Actually people acted like it had the opposite effect. Brought attention to me instead of the people who have been posting less.


Gia, what on Earth is wrong with you? You obviously did that on purpose. I wasn’t finished with my tea.

I never said it was a good attempt. The fact remains, however, that your behavior after landing has been different from your behavior during training.


If you think it is that bad, kill me. You have barely made a move to. I tried something different and it failed. I don’t need to be reminded multiple times.


Oh, how clumsy of me, let me make you another cup. You’ll drink it all, I suppose, since I’ve made the effort twice now.

I’m leaning towards Haze myself, tbh.


Makes sense. @Gia was also a cat in another thread :stuck_out_tongue: (Sorry, @Gia)


Of course I’ll drink it.

Ruby accepts the second cup of tea, pretends to take a sip, smiles, and sets it in front of him. He does not remove his hand from the cup.

Thank you. It’s even better than the first cup!

I have cast a tentative vote for @Haze_with_a_Z.


Gia notices Ruby a. Didn’t care about his radio, every astronaut’s lifeline in the base b. Avoids human beverages.


Current Vote Stutus

Votes cast against Sports_for_Life:

  1. @yebellz
  2. @HHG
  3. @KAOSkonfused
  4. @李建澔2
  5. @ginger2008

Votes cast against Cool_Person:

  1. @Sports_for_Life

Votes cast against HHG:

  1. @Haze_with_a_Z

Votes cast against Haze_with_a_Z:

  1. @RubyMineshaft

@Cool_Person is currently voting to kill nobody. No other players have cast votes.

@ginger2008 has not disclosed their reason for voting to kill Sports_for_Life.


Just going along with everybody. Anyway, Sports looks like he is faking.


It’s one thing to be busy for parts of our long Martian day, but if it’s your deliberate choice to sit silently in the corner, you won’t really be helping our cause, and might as well be on the side of the mimics.

The important part of everyone sharing their positions, views, and suspicions is that it forms the basis for how we figure who may be honestly a human and who is only pretending. People need to have opinions and theories, and then express them.

Don’t just be a follower. It’s too easy for mimics to simply pile onto a mistarget and claim that they were just going along with the crowd. If you’re not going to offer your own thoughts and opinions, then you are simply redundant.


You pretended like you were cursed, but

But I don’t get it. Seems more like a lame excuse. If you new this put you at a risk, why do so?

Does the detective have anything to say? But that will make the mimics kill the detective.


After the detective reveals, they have up to two nights for them to live through(depending on if any bodyguards had died before then). I personally think tonight would be a good day to share, and then we get two more nights from them, clearing them, and the people they check. When the detective reveals, the bodyguards should reveal as well, and we may be able to judge who’s claims are true or false based on this, and their results.


To be honest, I’m not even sure that it’s more likely that @Sports_for_Life is a mimic. The hypothesis that they are just being immature and playing a joke by pretending to have MED is definitely plausible. However, what concerns me about their behavior is the lack of coherent effort in helping us corner the mimics. Yet still, among the quick piling on of follow-up votes, there might be some opportunistic mimics looking to eliminate another innocent.

Obviously, the best thing to do would be to vote out the most likely mimic, however, it’s difficult to say who the most promising lead might be, since frankly, way too many people (see list below) are acting detrimentally to our mission. As we make the grave decisions about who lives to see each night, we have to also consider who we trust most to best stand up and defeat the mimics over the later days.

yebellz, a hard-nosed military man, was growing weary of the weak arguments and follower mentality being exhibited by too many of this squad.

Here is my list of most concern

  1. Sports_for_life
  2. 李建澔2
  3. ginger2008
  4. Starline
  5. HHG
  6. Haze_with_a_Z

However, I think it’s likely that one or more of the actual mimics are not on that list. With the above people drawing so much attention and concern, it would be too easy for another mimic or two to fly under the radar among the others.

It’s a terrible idea for the innocents to publicly speculate about who might be the detective. We want to keep the detective concealed, and should not help the mimics by sharing our speculation. When the detective chooses to reveal is another consideration, but that should be done with care, since there is no reversing that decision.


I forgot to add Cool_Person, perhaps they go between 2 and 3, or 3 and 4.

With so many threatening the mission, Lt. yebellz was deeply worried about humanity’s chances at defeating the mimics and securing our future on Martian soil.


Everyone was talking about how Haze was acting differently, and so no one noticed how yebellz was also acting differently.


I can’t believe you guys want to lose and kill me. Vote someone else

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That makes you more suspicious. Even if you are innocent, losing you does not really make much of a difference. (Not to be mean) And who said we are going to lose?? You can’t force us to change our vote.


If you feel this way, explain your vote for Cool Person a little better. Maybe even put that in this post.

I don’t like this part from you ginger. You don’t think it makes a difference to lose an innocent astronaut. It may not make a difference to the mimics, but it does for the astronauts, and only a mimic would find no reason to want to keep the innocent astronauts.


Oops.Very sorry @Sports_for_Life :sleepy: Hope i didn’t hurt you.