Werewolf Game 6.0 Open call

The feel when the forum game has a 3.5 hour docu-podcast as recommended preparation material :sweat_smile:

I’ve read the Wikipedia page on the Fourth crusade, Isaac II and Alexios III, perhaps I’ll watch these sometime later this week.


I’ll add you a hardcore level, because I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Recommended reading:


Here, a theme song for our game


I’m literally crying laughing, what is this??? :rofl:

EDIT: This comment added 5 years to my life expectancy

Manga: Byzantine Empire
Anime: Ottoman Empire
Netflix: Turkey


Sorry @claire_yang, maybe I should rather have made my remark here instead of in the game thread…

Thanks for writing something even though you’re having very little time at the moment, I appreciate that very much. And of course I think you should enjoy the New Year celebrations with your family.
I’m sorry if I was being rude with my post. :flushed: :bowing_woman:

And now I won’t write anything in particular about the game, of course, because that’s supposed to stay in the game thread and I mustn’t talk “tonight” anyway…
:horse: :x: :speech_balloon: :exclamation: :wink:

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Just a reminder from the game’s rules, because it doesn’t seem to be clear to everybody:

Alles klar? :wink:

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In fact, not really, at least not to me, but I’ve just sent a personal message about it, so I’ll wait for the answer there before discussing it here.

Is it character knowledge, now, that Nightstalker was the seer?

We hoped prisoners would get to that next time they got to speak with each other, during the next night, but yes, it’s canon now.

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Ah, I forgot it was Night Shift… I need to pay more attention, my bad.

[OOC: hopefully this doesn’t break the character rules, but what is going on with the note? Am I meant to be shown it in a PM or something?]

It does indeed break the character rules. About the note, please read the game rules if you have any questions. :wink:


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tl;dr NghtStalker was the Seer; bugcat was checked and found innocent.


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@bugcat, please stop posting in the game thread…


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:clock7: :eyes:

we know, we need some time

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Oh oh… That means nothing good, right? :flushed:

Dear players
@RubyMineshaft @Vsotvep @claire_yang @fiddlehead @KAOSkonfused @bugcat,

@Haze_with_a_Z can’t participate in the game, for IRL reasons. Please state how you would like to proceed with the game:

  • Pause until replacement (we will try to find a replacement, but this is not guaranteed)
  • Continue as is (please read note below)
  • End the game

0 voters

NOTE: Please only state which option you prefer and not any theories about how this will affect the game and/ or the game mechanics, if it continues. You are free to post theories and arguments in the game thread, if it is continued, or after the game ends, in the game discussion.

If the minority of players doesn’t agree with the voting result, the game ends whatever the result, since we are all here participating for fun and nobody is forced to play if they don’t want to.
In any case, we appreciate and thank you playing with us. :slight_smile: