Werewolf S06: An Emperor in Atari

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It is the night of January 29th, 6710 ε.Κ. (February 5th, 1203). Søtsten Badukson is about to start his night shift as the Prison of Anemas Night Warden.

He’s walking down the stone corridors.

Nine new prisoners arrived during the day, blinded as per custom. He read their files hastily before he left his office. He intends to eavesdrop on them, as usual, since keeping the peace in the Vlachernes, even as a Varangian fallen from grace, relies on information.
Having served so many years in close proximity to the pinnacle of intrigue has rubbed off on him.

He passes a narrow window and looks outside at Constantinoupoli, covered in snow. Weather had been warm, with mild winters during his lifetime, so that reminiscent gift of his home brought a pang under his left ribs.
-I might have a walk around the Poli tomorrow, feel some snow under my boots.

Søtsten crouches instinctively; his senses registered something before his brain did. Looking around, he sees a stone with a small scroll tied on it, dropped just a couple of vimata (paces) away.

He looks around once more, his honed perceptiveness telling him that the danger has passed. He picks up the stone, unrolls the scroll and reads


“Two wolves with teeth have entered among nine toothless wolves. Guard the toothless lion.”

Søtsten grappled his sword, viscerally missing the heft of his old battle axe.

An Assassin has been sent for Isaakios II Angelos!

Game 6 Rules

Note: We have blatantly “borrowed” from our previous Game Masters, we appreciate your heritage and hope to honor the tradition in your footsteps. :slight_smile:

General Information

The players are Prisoners in the Tower of Anemas in Constantinoupoli, during a rather tumultuous age in history. They are influential, even noble men, who were all deemed enemies of the Empire in one way or another, so they were brutally blinded and sent to the Tower.
Upon their arrival, the always dependable grapevine informs them that an assassination attempt against dethroned Emperor Isaakios II Angelos is under way, who is held captive in the Tower as well.

Although the story is based on historical figures, facts and locations, artistic license was taken and is allowed, as long as it makes sense within the game setting.
Due to the game setting, a restriction about the characters is introduced; all characters are men.

Day and Night Phases

The prisoners are watched during the day (24h IRL), so they are silent during the short winter days.
During the nights (48h IRL), when the prison guards are asleep, they whisper across the narrow, musty corridors and try to find out who are the Assassins among them.
The game starts during the first night, after the Prisoners were transferred to the Tower.

  • Night Phase
    All players will be free to discuss the game with each other during the night phase in the designated forum thread for the game. At the end of the night phase there is vote by public poll to determine which player will be reported to the Night Warden as an Assassin and executed. The execution will only happen if there is a single player who received more votes than all the other players. In other words, nobody dies when the vote is tied.
    During the first night, the Prisoners are still disoriented and are trying to readjust away from their usual environment of intrigue, scheming and machinations, so there is no voting on the first night.
  • Day Phase
    During the day phase only the special roles are allowed to act. The Assassins come prepared, so they can kill on the first day.

Player Roles

Every player gets assigned a role secretly at the start of the game, by DM. This role will be either Prisoner, Assassin, Seer, Smuggler or Coward (see below).

  • Evil Player – Assassin
    Objective: Kill all other prisoners.
    The evil players are allowed to act and speak with each other in the specified thread and during the day phase only.

  • Innocent Players
    Objective: Find and eliminate the Assassins.

    • Seer
      All prisoners in the Tower of Anemas are blinded. One of the prisoners, due to sheer luck, only got half-blind, so during the day he can watch the other prisoners in the common area. He can keep this a secret, if he chooses, since the difference is not visible even to the guards. Because he is literate, he keeps notes. If he dies, the other prisoners will find the notes hidden in a wall crack and learn if he observed an innocent person. Seer does not write down the Assassin’s name for security reasons. If he dies without disclosing it, the secret dies with him. This investigation will take place in a private thread during the day phase.
    • Smuggler
      One of the prisoners is an νόθον, an illegitimate son connected to the Imperial Family. As such, he has connections and can bring contraband in Anemas. He informs the Day Warden which cell in chosen each day for the drop-off. Any cell can be chosen, but not the same cell two days in a row, to avoid detection. That cell in inaccessible to the Assassins for that day.
    • Coward
      One of the Prisoners is a Coward. If the Coward is targeted to die, he will scream and cry and slither to the corridor, thus alerting the sleeping Night Warden and outing the Assassins. Only the Wardens know who the Coward is, he will find out his true nature at the moment of truth, if it comes.
      One of the Prisoners is a Coward. During the Day Phase, if the Coward is targeted to die, he will beg for his life upon which he’ll be bribed and switch sides instead.
      However, if the Coward dies during the Night Phase after being converted, he will rat out one of his co-conspirators. The assassin who will die alongside the Coward will be decided by luck, he will blurt out one name with his last breath.
      If they Coward dies during the Night Phase without being converted, he counts as an innocent death and no additional action is taken.
      Only the Wardens know who the Coward is, he will find out his true nature at the moment of truth, if it comes.

Smuggler and Seer cannot be the same person.


Players are eliminated when successfully targeted by the Assassins during the day phase or executed by the Night Warden, after voting. Eliminated players are not allowed to interact with the game in the main game thread.

Emoji Disease

During each round (excluding round 1), one of the Prisoners gets an allergic reaction to prison food at dinnertime, so by the night phase their throat is swollen and they can’t speak, only scribble on the walls. A sick player can only communicate using emoji for that night phase. No player is immune and different foods can retrigger the allergy.

Additional Rules

  • It is not allowed to send any of the other players personal messages about the game, about the players of the game or about playing the game. If you happen to receive a message from another player that breaks this rule, you have to tell us, the GM, in a personal message and we will decide how to deal with it.
  • Players must maintain an adequate level of participation in the game. We understand that sometimes things come up, but try to at least make a couple of posts during each night phase, contributing to the game and vote. Players who are determined to not be participating may be removed or replaced.
  • During the game, questions about the rules should be asked in the Recruitment thread, unless they are about a special role, in which case they should be asked through DM.
  • Players are not permitted to remove content from or delete replies after they have been submitted. The only exceptions to this rule are spelling/grammar/punctuation corrections and adding additional content to the post.
  • You can contact either of the GM, preferably include both of us in the message.

Participants and Characters


Please allow the game to unfold as designed by the Game Masters. Thank you.

Note for Spectators:

We welcome all forum users to spectate and enjoy this game. However, in order to prevent the game from being influenced by spectators, please do not like posts from the players, vote in polls, or comment in the game thread until the game has ended. You are welcome to participate in the kibitz thread, please ask by DM to be included.

Night 2 poll
Night 3 poll
Night 4 poll
Night 5 poll
Night 6 poll


Night Shift 1 has started.
Players can interact during the night, until Day Shift starts at 2021-02-07T18:00:00Z

Note: Please stay in character in the game thread.


Hello fellow prisoners. Let’s track down these assassins. However, I do not know what we can really do on this first night to help our cause. I wonder how many assassins there lie among us.


Kάλαμον συντετριμμένον οὐ κατεάξει καὶ λίνον τυφόμενον οὐ σβέσει,ἕως ἂν ἐκβάλῃ εἰς νῖκος τὴν κρίσιν· ( A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.) It has been a day of misfortune what has reached your ears?


I can’t tell anything so far. It’s strange to judge people only by their voices, without ever seeing them.
So, if there should be one among us who can still use his eyes, I assume he is our only hope and by far our most reliable source of information - but also the one most in danger, so he should not tell us anything until he has discovered an assassin.


A sad voice is singing sobbingly out of a cell.

Τῆς δικαιοσύνης ἥλιε νοϊτε…
καὶ μυρσίνη ἐσὺ δοξαστική
Μηηηηηηη παρακαλώ ὡὡὡ σας μήήήήή
μηηη παρακαλώωωω σας μηἡἡἡ λεισμονάτε τὴν χώρα μου.


I heard news of the Crusade being on its way to liberate our city and reinstate Isaakios II, it’s no wonder assassins have been sent for to finish the job on the inside. Good luck to them, the only good ruler is a dead ruler to me.


This is my first time to pass through the great city for the pilgrimage to the holy land. Now I can only imagine what it would be like in my dreams but not with my eyes. Who among us heard anything that can save us?


There is only one pilgrimage left… But will u see the new Jerusalem, or the palaces of Hell?


It’s almost rather grimly amusing, isn’t it? What better way to learn the ins and outs of being a blind person than by dealing with people who wish to plunge a knife into you? I trust that we are all in good voice, because we’ll have to raise the roof to prevent them from taking more than one of us at a time. And given the lax security around here I wonder if we can even count on that.


The sound of someone speaking nearby caused Ruby to stir. Sitting up, he winced at the tightness of his chest and the overall feeling of nausea. He’d been sick a few times already, if the smell of his chamber was any indication. The older he grew the worse he seemed to be able to hold his wine, it was an embarrassment really.

… fellow prisoners… assassins…

Prison. Right.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do not intend to sit in this filthy tower while assassins pick us off one by one. This is entirely beneath me.

GUARDS! GUARDS! I demand to be released at once! Do you even know who my father—

One of you must be the assassin! Do not take one step closer. If I so much as hear you looking at me, I’ll scream bloody murder.


Keep thy peace, and gather your sinews like a man. You scream like a woman in labor. Your father was a connoisseur of eunuchs.

If we are to live we must remain calm, and be vigilant. As Homer said: " **Δακρυόεν γελάσασα."


With regard to Ruby’s stated intentions, I would encourage each and every one of us to yell bloody murder if and when that horrible moment arrives. Unfortunately we cannot all be the Stentor of political prisoners. As for myself, I struggle with the dust in this wretched place. It chokes off what little voice I still have, and I fear that I might become an overly polite victim.

Well then Vsotvep, we see that you are an outright anarchist, but does that make you an assassin? It seems an odd confession to make in these circumstances. The old reverse psychology ploy is indeed well known, so well known as to be downright laughable. Which, of course, is precisely why a would-be assassin should at least consider it as a possible strategy.

I would suggest to you all that we draw no conclusions but simply put this away for future reference. No hard feelings for now Vsotvep.

Hopefully I haven’t already incriminated myself even with this! Such a tangled web we weave!


Honourable lord fiddlehead, how dare you directly accuse me of such a despicable thing as anarchy! I am nothing of the kind, as I see no other soul being Emperor but myself!

If Isaakios were to die this instance, the crusade will undeniably ignore Constantinoupoli in favour of conquering Jerusalem from those Ayyubid infidels. Surely there is no way for me to ever overthrow Alexios III without the help of the crusaders, thus make no mistake in that I am determined to find any assassins who may be among us.


Ah, so you are no anarchist but an emperor in waiting? Are we to understand that you consider Isaakios expendable? Can we assume that your installment as emperor would be preceded by some sort of conclave, present company included? And would you not agree that it would be in your interests to defend us? Soldiers and assassins are obviously crucial for success, but you still need political allies, do you not?

I don’t know where this discussion is headed, but more information is always welcome.


“I can’t even remember how I got here anymore. Have I ever been free?”, sobs Zal in the corner.

After spending over 20 yrs locked up, he could no longer remember being free. He lost count of the years at some point and he didn’t even know why he was alive. Maybe he was unlucky or maybe he was just destined to be locked up for the rest of his life.

He believed that one day, someone would come for him. He may not know whom or why, but they would come. Eventually. He clung tightly to this bit of hope for as long as he could. But this hope was the same as it was when he first came. And soon it would run out. Soon, he would be past the point of no return. And unless some more hope interfered, soon he would be dead.


“Am I the only poor fellow of the group? There are many lords and emperors here, but I don’t think I am one. If I ever was one though, I wouldn’t even know. It’s just been too long.”


Alas! For 24 years have I studied the wisdom of our ancestors, the works of Aristotle, the Elements of Euclid, the three arts and the four, the Fathers of our One, Catholic, Apostolic and Orthodox Church and and for 24 more years I have tutored the children of our Basileis and Despotes, the future Consules and Nobilissimoi, the Hypersebastoi, the Patrikioi, the Kouropalatoi, the Anthypatoi. My good mother herself was Purple-born, Lady Eudokia Komnena, daughter of John the Beautiful, and my great-aunt Lady Anna taught me many things.

But to think that one day the youngsters I loved and tutored like a father would dare to use the vile machinations that come with court life against me! And now I find myself in the same spot as unlucky Isaakios, blinded and imprisoned by his brother Alexios. The only good thing now is that I won’t have my eyes to witness what the Franks will be about to do when they will arrive here. What was the younger Alexios, Isaacs son, thinking?

But just earlier I heard some learned person quote our beloved master Homer, inventor of all science and art. What is your honored name? It is Erastos the Archimandrite who speaks to you!


Cauliflower did not really understand all of the name dropping and historical context that he found himself in. He was merely a lowly vassal that was swept along with the crusading ambitions of his lords, and even remained a bit unsure about whether “vassal” was the historically appropriate title that he should label himself with. What horror he had found upon himself, being mutilated and held prisoner due to his captors mistakenly believing that he was much more than just a simple soldier, which had they realized might have instead granted poor Cauliflower a quicker and merciful death through summary execution rather than this slow suffering rot, while blind and terrorized by the threat of the assassins.

Instead of facing his fears head on with acceptance, Cauliflower coped with his ordeal by disassociating from his reality and imagining that he was merely a figment of the imagination of a particularly ridiculous pedant, who can’t help to excruciatingly force everything to be so meta and self-referential, and that all of his suffering was just part of a shared fantasy among some linguists (who also occasionally find interest in a board game from East Asia) that are only playing a game (although not the East Asian one).

Alas, he snapped back into his reality and felt compelled to finally speak again.

“Wud y’all blathering on aboot?”, said Cauliflower in a confounding manner that inexplicably mixed accents., “Anyone got a plan to break this joint?”

Struggling to remain lucid, feeling the imaginary pedant slip into his consciousness, losing grip with reality, and unable to discern whether if he was imagining the pedant, or if the pedant was imagining him, Cauliflower uttered his next words with a seemingly different tone and voice.

“How many assassins are there anyways (and how did we even come to realize that assassins were out to get us anyways, did everyone else hear that strange narration in my head)? That seems like helpful information to have at hand, but perhaps our Gods do not deign to grace us with such assistance.”

Cauliflower reassured himself by thinking, “Surely, I must be real, what sort of self-described pedant would settle on a name as absurd and contextually inappropriate as ‘Cauliflower’ instead of spending a few moments on a simple Google search (which, of course, I should anachronistically know all about) to find something more relevant?”

He then lulled back into a daydream, of the idyllic life he left behind long ago in his beloved home of Rotinbah, where he so yearned to return and enjoy the simple delights of tending his crops, cutting his woods, and raising his family. He dreamed that his descendants would prosper, and perhaps one might someday take up the pursuit of clockmaking, maybe even attempting to craft one with a rooster that crows the hour, but be stymied by the engineering of the mechanism and instead settle for a clock that goes “cuckoo”.