Werewolf Games Planning and Prep G5!

1.we are still planning so we wouldn’t know yet but werewolves can only get one kill per night(all of them together)
2.We just think about our ideas then suggest it.
3.The host will do global time for the starting time and it is correspondence (48 hours day 24 hours night so you just have to be online once a day). 2020-07-29T06:25:00Z ) just like this and it will show your own time zone (that was just a example not real starting time.

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  1. How many werewolves would depend on the number of players, and maybe on the specifics of the other game mechanisms. I think we have 9 players signed up so far (need to confirm with everyone, and hopefully we get more signups), so that may require only two werewolves. Hopefully, if we get more signups, we could support three or more, but I think three wolves may require at least 12 total players. The basic werewolf game involves just one werewolf kill per night, however, I guess other mechanics could be considered. In the past, we had the werewolves discuss and vote in a private group message about who to kill.
  2. We use private messages with the game master to implement the special roles.
  3. People on this forum come from all around the globe, so we don’t have a consistent time zone. This game operates in a correspondence style, with the “day” phase lasting 48 hours, and the “night” phase lasting 24 hours. The start and end of each day would be set by the game master, but as long as one can log on and participate at least once per real day, it should be fine.

You can find our older instances of playing this game and planning out mechanics in the #forum-games category.


Confirming!!! :smiley:

Also why wouldn’t I be in?


Sorry, I thought this was going to start earlier, I actually can’t join. School’s starting and last year I tested in to this middle school which seems pretty serious about homework.

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School is starting in like ten days (actually eleven for me but it is online)It Isn’t that long and has like two hours of break(probably doesn’t want u to stay on computers for too long.I might have to sit out of this game as my trophy push week is starting again unless it starts after this week.Also I am confirming I will join if it doesn’t start this week and if it does I will a have to sit out.So right now for role ideas I feel like we need a few more day roles and booth roles.Also maybe we can think ahead a bit and think a bit about g6.In G6 I feel like we will need like two night roles per person so we will need some night roles.


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Another idea for a setting:

It’s the 1960s and we play as a secretive and eclectic mix of New Age hippies and UFO obsessives, living in a remote commune deep in rural America. However, the community has been infiltrated by alien lifeforms, cloaking themselves in human appearance…


I like that general idea, but the evils could just be serial killers that have infiltrated the cult instead of aliens, which we just had.

Somehow it made me think of this


What about a setting in the Age of Sail?

Picture this: a British merchant ship is en route to China to sell its cargo of opium in exchange for porcelain, silk, and spices. Alas! The wind has died and for nigh on a month the vessel has been drifting aimlessly in the confusion of currents that lace through the islands of the East Indies. An oppressive gloom hangs over the officers and crew alike, stifled under the muggy silence of the still summer air.

And then, the corpse was found, crushed and tangled into the sail-winch: as if caught in metamorphosis, his skin was malformed by patches of silver scales, translucent webbing stretching between his fingers. A bloodied and shaking lad tells of how the monstrous figure set upon him as he was inspecting the sailcloth, and only by the grace of fortune was he able to cast the assailant over a coil of tarred rope and into the winch-gears.

Yet, only the night thereafter was a stevedore discovered lying on the deck, his skull coved in from behind; and the night after that, the surgeon’s apprentice was murdered, a great tear across his chest spewing his organs onto the planks – a iron boothook, all fouled o’er with gore, cast dismissively atop him. With no end to the killings in sight, the captain summoned together such as he chose and, together, they resolved to uncover the fishmen and put them to death.


Great idea, I like that setting!
Would you like to be the game master?


Sure, that’d be fun.


Well, if I’m going to GM I’ll need a survey of who’s playing, right?

Roll-call wikipost?

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@Haze_with_a_Z @Gia @yebellz

This thread’s been up for a month, can we just get on with it?

Is the issue that we don’t have enough players?

I asked for a wikipost so that people can sign themselves up, since I lost my Regular status again.


I don’t have time to play in the next round. Initially, I had volunteered to host as game master for the next one, but I will happily let you take over, since I don’t really want to take on another responsibility right now.

I was hesitant about starting the game, since it seems that we didn’t have many signed up, and then we had a few drop out.

This thread is a wiki, please add your name to the list below if you want to play

Sign Up for the Next Game

  1. @bugcat (GM)
  2. @Vsotvep
  3. @KAOSkonfused
  4. @Haze_with_a_Z
  5. @HHG
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  7. @seanp
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What do you think about the number of players? Is seven going to be enough?

What we could do is slow down the mortality rate by introducing defensive roles like a doctor, or letting each player use an alertness buff once per game to avoid fatal attack.

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I think we need about double that.Also a few defensive roles could be healing bomber basically a bomber except instead of killing them new make it so that u can’t kill it.Boxer a bit like bodyguards but the person who tried to kill him and the boxer will each have a 50% chance to die by dice.(actually ten)Battle healer, he heals the person he votes for to make them have a 60% sheild(roll a dice six out of the ten numbers will make him stay alive if killed.Sheild rolled given my the discobot himself but this time random.org (I hope I got the link right)will go to a number generate from one to ten if odd=will die even=will stay alive(activates onlyif killed.Grand warden, gives spells(pls post spells ideas)like heal spell.Gives away a spell by his choice to a person by his choice,

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So, when do we want to run? Tomorrow? Later? Let me know so we have time to bash out the ruleset, which we’ll be using with the Age of Sail setting.

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How about:

  1. Bash out the ruleset,
  2. we discuss that for a day and
  3. then start the game?