Werewolf Games Planning and Prep G5!

At this point, we have had 4 werewolf games. Why not have a 5th?

Now I kinda forget how these recruiting threads work, but I am trying.

First off, a general poll,

  • I am interested in running a werewolf game
  • I am interested in playing a werewolf game
  • I am not interested in werewolf games at all

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This poll is in general, not just about this game. This poll can help us find some new hosts and players for other games, even if they don’t join/host this game, so if you are interested in playing a future game, even if you are busy for this game, choose that option. The bottom option is if someone accidentally misclicks on an option and doesn’t want to be in any of the other check boxes.

In each game, we have roles. The host usually choses these, although I’m sure that if someone suggested a role, people would listen to the suggestion and at least consider using that role at some point. Are there any specific roles people would like to see included in these games? Please comment below if there are. This isn’t a guarantee that they will be included, but if enough people want something, it is bound to happen at some point.

In this game,

  • Who wants to play?
  • Does someone want to be the host(or whatever we are calling it)?
  • Are there any problems/changes that you think need to be implemented in this game and future games?

The answers to those 3 questions from me are:

  1. Me, I wanna play :smiley:
  2. Well I would prefer to play, but I’d host if I am needed
  3. I don’t think so

Who is in for this game?

  • Me!
  • Not me.

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Also, good luck to all participants!!! :slightly_smiling_face:
I better not have failed this thread.

I won’t have time to play / host between July 20 and August 4. After that, I’d love to play again or host if I don’t need to do it on my own.


I’d be willing to host the next game, but I’ll skip on playing.

I’m thinking of a theme. How about we role play as Go players? And the evils could be those that have secretly started liking chess.


Ok great! We currently have 5 participants though so I’m debating if I should ping everyone I can think of and possibly annoy them or not.


I don’t care if I get a notification or not as they are probably tracking or watching this thread or topic.So I think we should get a extra role for this werewolf game to keep things a bit more interesting.
This post is wiki so you can get more ideas in But don’t delete anything from this post.
Too tired to make the polls after brainstorming for a long time.Names are subject to change and special abilities are too.

Voting booth worker

Gets a extra vote every time as he cheats when he is counting the tickets


Very similar to body guards but it can only heal someone once every three or two days (decided by vote)


Just like med (how you get it)except you can still use emojis but if one fourth or third(decided by vote) is casts on him he gets eliminated .Will or will not(decided by vote once again ) be told to everyone else.This also means that two people can get out on the same round.

Generous shop keeper

So it gives out one coupon every day that makes the player he uses on gets two uses on his power at night.Vote if he should be able to use it on himself

Extra food or chef

Decided by disco or or is a role (decided by vote, probably knew that is coming by now.So the person that got extra food can’t use there role in that night.


Basically is going to be told as a werewolf and will be in there discussion thing if there is one for the evil people.But is a innocent.

Wizard or witch

So they get to use so magic in the day instead of the night unlike all the other roles(except for game master)Vote what spell do they use .


It takes two people that wants to kill him to get that kill(Basically Has two lives)

Revival round

Happens the first time the game reaches fourth precent or the closest to the game will actually get.The GM will roll a dice from 1-10 and players who guess the correct numbers comes back to live.(in PM)

DM round

Guess the right number and you are out of the game.Happens right after the revival one.

Replacement detective

Is a innocent until the detective dies then he will be the new detective.


An effect that makes them not able to do anything at night but they will do it on the day which could be very useful sometimes.(given like med)


Basically I detective in the day but it is going to investigate two random persons .


If it goes on the king it will have three lives and if it goes on any other role it will get two lives (will be voted for who to get it)

Private speaker

A day role that could only be used twice(he can PM twice but no more than that)Or maybe one(vote one or two).Also you must put the GM in that thread and only one reply per person is allowed.(that means three posts including the top post.)


Kills himself and one person by his choice if used in the day , kills himself and one innocent(Not the detective) and two persons by his choice at night.(risky plays there but it could be worth it.(Vote for changes to people he kills)Probably make it less,

Mind controller

Day role , makes the GM says something by his choice (inappropriat words or anything against the TOS isn’t okay.(Also we don’t know which post he will do.(vote for how many times this ability can be used)


Day role , learns a random tip that would help them a tiny bit in the game.(can’t include names of players or make it to obvious like playing brawl stars too much or the newest OGS moderator as everyone will know what it is (vote how the tip should be like for example)

All these are just ideas and it would be crazy If all of those were added into the same game.Running our of ideas for now .Took forever to write this.

I might be in for this game. What settings have we already done?

I suggest that this time, we set the game in an Antarctic base over winter. It’s claustrophic and isolated, the characters trapped inside gazing out through the windows, as the cold electric light illuminates the blizzard roaring through the perpetual night…

Or if you don’t like that, perhaps a moonbase: basically the same thing but with room for scifi.


We can have roles like Scientist, Counsellor, Doctor, Communications Officer etc.

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Add it to my post then , it is for ideas of everybody. The day is 48 hours and nights are 24 hours


I never quite grasped how the werewolf games work, but here’s a pitch:

The Expedition

The game takes place in a lavish Victorian expedition to the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa: twenty carriages of food, wine, tea, dining furniture, blunderbusses, and patriot sheet music for the piano accompany our bold explorers. Alas, the wagon train has been caught in the monsoon and the heavy rain has swept the dirt tracks into thick mud, stranding them in an unknown land. What is worse, a sinister force has begun picking off the helpless voyagers: can it be caught and destroyed, or will this noble mission fail and the source of the Congo River never be found?

Our characters are:

The Shakpana: One of the party has been possessed by a malevolent spirit, angered by the intrusion of foreigners into its abode. By day it masquerades and feigns innocence and confusion, but each night picks off another victim under the cover of the muggy darkness.

The Major: A large-set, old-fashioned veteran with a seal’s moustache hanging thickly over his double chin, an old shotgun fitting easily in his calloused hands. His combat experience gives him some sort of buff if he confronts the Shakpana at night.

The Naturalist: An academic of the old breed, he inspects everything carefully and methodically from behind his little, round glasses. He works into the night jotting down his observations and theories with a scrawling, illegible hand into a ratty leather-bound notebook. His piercing eye for detail gives him some buff towards making sense of the events that have already happened in the game and drawing useful conclusions.

The Chef: An energetic, hard-working man with the muscular arms of a butcher, he yells orders to a small army of underlings who prepare the starter, first course, sorbet, soup, main course, dessert, and accompanying silver service which will be enjoyed by the travellers that night. Hard-headed and practical, he gets a buff for organising people, or something.

The Guide: A local of the area, his jet complexion and woven garb jar against the sunburnt Englishmen, sweating in high-collared shirts under the heat of the African sun. The Guide is mistrusted and disdained by his clients, yet only he has access to the body of oral folklore that concerns the Shakpana and has the best understanding of how to destroy it. He gets a buff towards identifying the Shakpana.

The Doctor: With the day’s once-crisp white shirt soiled by blood and sweat, sleeves rolled above his elbows, he can equally be found administering a drink of quinine or sawing off a gangrenous leg; in a tightly clipped accent he calmly assures the screaming patient that the troublesome limb will soon pain them no more. The Doctor has a defensive ability (for instance, if the Shakpana attacks another character and the Doctor is watching, he can rush in afterwards and save their life.)


This is very similar to the theme of the last game though, which was set on the equally uninhabitable Martian surface.


One thing that could spice the gameplay up a bit, is having both night roles and day roles.

The night roles are secret, and done at night, such as Werewolf, Protector, etc.

The day roles are out in the open and are supportive in nature. For example some of the ones that Vagabond mentioned above could be used for this: someone can publicly be a voting booth worker and grant any member of the group a double vote, or someone could publicly put someone under house arrest, so they cannot do their night action, etc.
This also brings an extra layer to the mind games, since a day role can be used by an innocent on an evil, by an evil on an innocent, and so on.


I don’t really care too much about the theme so I am fine if it is similar to the last one but I care a lot about the roles as it is basically what makes it a fun or boring game.

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You might not care, but others do. I think it’s worthwhile to discuss the theme, but I also believe the GM should decide in the end, since they are the one writing the story.


I personally think they are both good/important, but to me the most important things are people enjoying the game(including myself :D), different sides each having a chance(well it can be annoying to try to fight a losing battle when you don’t think you have a chance), and the game working(if the game breaks or has issues or something, everything else basically fails. Also kinda not fun to come to a broken game).

Some people find the story important and some find the roles more important, but if we don’t have a game, none of that stuff matters. It’s more important to me to have a working game than one with a story or creative roles. I think that it does improve the game to have both though so I support this story conversation and this roles conversation. As long as the game can work and neither side starts with a super low chance to win, I think we should have both.


I think you can join as it will start after august 4th probably.Haven’t even finished with roles and topics yet and then the role pms and then the quiz thing too(the best part of the games).

The first role post looks full to me so continue suggesting the roles now, in this post.

Evil booth worker

Someone will get one less vote (which he couldn’t vote unless the booth worker also chose him.The person he has to vote for is what the person that the booth worker used on’s choice.(Or everyone has to have a alt account to participate.(vote)(Tip to use different browsers))

Vote booth attacker

Destroys a persons vote box so can’t vote for that person.

Day kill

One of the werewolves will get day kills which is basically killing someone in the day.(vote for how many day kills they should get


Levels up someone every day.(two levels up =+1 on ability.

I’m hoping that we can get at least a dozen players signed up. We’re in no rush to start, so let’s try to wait a bit, until at least a few more join.

@Gia, @RubyMineshaft, @Leira, @Assai, are you in for another round?

I don’t think we need a lot of complicated new roles. Having too many special roles can also lead to severe game balance issues, and confusion about how they work. I think we really just need an investigation and protection mechanism of some sort. I also liked the MED mechanic.

I think an issue to be addressed is that most innocents might feel like they have nothing to do or consider at night. So, how about a voting-based system for doing detective and protection work?

What do you think of that? Are there some potential issues with this system?

It seems that we have a newcomer that responded to the poll with interest in playing. @seanp, does playing a game that requires checking in on the forums at least once a day work for you?


If I play, I may not post on the weekends to much.

I think I’m sitting this one out.
But I’ll be watching.

I had a weird and fun idea: every innocent is detective and can detect someone at night, but the werewolves get to choose 1/3 (rounded up, computed after the killing of one innocent) of the innocents who will receive the wrong answer.

So for example, 7 innocents and 2 werewolves, everybody starts investigating someone, but during the day only 4 of the innocents have learnt the truth, while the other 3 and the two werewolves spread false information. It will start to make sense to decide democratically with the group to investigate a single person, so that there will be enough information to compare the results; if everyone votes for a different person, the information will become useless very quickly, as nobody will know whether their investigation was truthful or not.

Perhaps it should be augmented to prevent the werewolves from killing the innocent who has been chosen to be investigated, by having the person who is investigated most (ties excluded) be automatically protected (makes sense, since everybody keeps checking in on them at night, so it would be too dangerous to kill them)


I think those are some great suggestions to consider.

Another extension upon those ideas is to allow each player to select a set of players to investigate, where (if their result is not corrupted by the wolves) the response is the binary XOR of the guilt status of the players in that set. However, then the game would revolve around the design of and engineering attacks against error correcting codes.

The wolves would need time to discuss their choice, so perhaps the investigation decisions would need to be due at the end of the day.