Werewolf Games Planning and Prep G5!

yeah sounds good to me. I love playing this game irl


lol I thought the original point of it was so people would read the rules

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Hi, ready for another round! :grin:

Actually, I had an idea for a character that had a similar behavior:

The Conspiracy Theorist: Like the detective, they can ask for someone’s role at night, but instead of accurate information, they only get random, but consistent, garbage (what the CT sees must be randomly selected before the start of the game). Of course, for this to work, they must be told that they are the detective.


Player Role Detectives see Conspiracy Theorist sees
Alice Detective Detective Werewolf 's detective
Bob Conspiracy Theorist Conspiracy Theorist Detective
Charles Werewolf's Detective Werewolf's Detective Conspiracy Theorist
Diana Medic Medic Townsperson (random)
Esther Bodyguard Bodyguard Werewolf (random)
Fabian Townsperson Townsperson Bodyguard (random)
Gabriella Townsperson Townsperson Townsperson (random)
Hadith Werewolf Werewolf Medic (random)

EDIT: Of course, in accordance to the desire not to have complicated roles, I don’t expect it to be taken for this game. I’d like to implement this at some point though.


I’m a bit overwhelmed with work and moving at the moment. I don’t think I’ll be able to play this round, but I’ll definitely try to check in and see what’s happening.


How many people should be our goal?


No it is just to make nerds to join.Also me as I get a prize from my mum every time I get over 50 in a quiz.Also I would say 20 people.

Even this type of quiz?


She didn’t mention which type.

I don’t think that this is a realistic goal for this game. The biggest we’ve had is 14 players and a gm. 20 would mean we need at least 6 new people if everyone from that game played. Not sure how confident I feel about us getting that.


We got about 600 more forum users since the last game and a few more active users I believe anyone wants to join?

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Off topic but,

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also I just got a reply notification and not a ping notification so I don’t think it tags everyone on here

I’m hoping for at least 12, but I don’t think it has to be hard requirement. However, rather than rushing to start, I would rather wait a bit, at least until August 4, since then KAOS would be available, and maybe others might also join in the meantime as well.

Also, while we wait, we can nail down a solid version of the rules and mechanics. I think we should focus on a pragmatic consideration of the rules at this point.


I thought it would tag everyone so more people could join.If all innocents were detectives it is almost impossible for werewolves to win.

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I like the idea of the conspiracy theorist. Helps hide the wws out by adding some chaos while still ultimately being on the good side… if the ct realizes their true role.

A few questions:

  1. How many werewolves? 1 kill each night? Will the wws decide victims by a vote or will there be an “alpha wolf”?
  2. How the heck are the skills for each role implemented on this forum? Do we whisper the host or something?
  3. Which timezone are we using?

1.we are still planning so we wouldn’t know yet but werewolves can only get one kill per night(all of them together)
2.We just think about our ideas then suggest it.
3.The host will do global time for the starting time and it is correspondence (48 hours day 24 hours night so you just have to be online once a day). 2020-07-29T06:25:00Z ) just like this and it will show your own time zone (that was just a example not real starting time.

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  1. How many werewolves would depend on the number of players, and maybe on the specifics of the other game mechanisms. I think we have 9 players signed up so far (need to confirm with everyone, and hopefully we get more signups), so that may require only two werewolves. Hopefully, if we get more signups, we could support three or more, but I think three wolves may require at least 12 total players. The basic werewolf game involves just one werewolf kill per night, however, I guess other mechanics could be considered. In the past, we had the werewolves discuss and vote in a private group message about who to kill.
  2. We use private messages with the game master to implement the special roles.
  3. People on this forum come from all around the globe, so we don’t have a consistent time zone. This game operates in a correspondence style, with the “day” phase lasting 48 hours, and the “night” phase lasting 24 hours. The start and end of each day would be set by the game master, but as long as one can log on and participate at least once per real day, it should be fine.

You can find our older instances of playing this game and planning out mechanics in the #forum-games category.


Confirming!!! :smiley:

Also why wouldn’t I be in?


Sorry, I thought this was going to start earlier, I actually can’t join. School’s starting and last year I tested in to this middle school which seems pretty serious about homework.

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School is starting in like ten days (actually eleven for me but it is online)It Isn’t that long and has like two hours of break(probably doesn’t want u to stay on computers for too long.I might have to sit out of this game as my trophy push week is starting again unless it starts after this week.Also I am confirming I will join if it doesn’t start this week and if it does I will a have to sit out.So right now for role ideas I feel like we need a few more day roles and booth roles.Also maybe we can think ahead a bit and think a bit about g6.In G6 I feel like we will need like two night roles per person so we will need some night roles.


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