Where to Tenuki?

I recently played a game that I later analyzed using Leela and I noticed something. This seems to be a trend in many of the games where I win.

Whenever I Tenuki, Leela usually suggests that some other Tenuki move would have been a better choice. Now in most cases I do end up playing the position that Leela recommended, but a few moves late.

The impression I’m getting is that I generally know where the important points of the game are, but I’m having difficulty gauging which point is most important. I’ve seen a lot of stuff about knowing when to Tenuki but is there much written about how to tell which Tenuki is the best choice at any particular turn?


I dunno, maybe others will have a better idea, but I feel this question is too general to provide any satisfying answer…

Of course you want to tenuki when you can make better profit elsewhere than local and you want to play the in the area where you can gain the most (or vice versa reduce more than you can gain elsewhere)… Now recognizing where this place is is just experience, reading, and judgment, there is no “genereal rule” we could tell you…

Or maybe I am misunderstanding the question.

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Is there a big difference in win % between your move and the move that Leela regards as the best move? Perhaps there are several good moves that can be played.

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Sure. Every game analysis ever written or recorded is about when and where to tenuki.

And if there was an easy answer to that question, most of us would be chess players.


Checkmate, grand masters.

That’s a good question. I will have to check on that. I had one game where Leela considered a whole sequence of moves I made a huge mistake (like 10%) until I finally finished that sequence and made the move Leela thought was so important. Basically, my opponent and I both went down a very unprofitable side road. :slight_smile: