Why do OGS ranks keep deflating?

Does anyone know?

Seem to be than almost everyone I know report being 2-3k lower on OGS than on server like KGS, where they have stayed at a relatively stable rank for years. I know than a while back OGS made some rank adjustment (basically bumping almost everyone by around 2k to better match) to be closer from AGA, but it seem to just have drifted back where it was before.

Is it the lower server population or the way the ranking system work?

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Do they as a whole or just looking at specific cases (which might be counteracted by other, opposite, cases)?

Anyway, I guess this is topic that is ripe for perpetual discussion.

Here’s a more recent thread that links to a lot of others

But probably best to consider this one for details and discussion


There’s also the reverse case of “are KGS ranks inflated?”.

There needs to be some baseline in any case when comparing ranks between servers. What is the true rank of a player? Is it their association rank, so are the ranks higher or lower compared to their AGA, EGF rating?

Without some baseline, how can one tell if one rating is inflated or another is deflated?


is this the case now? I though we all got inflated in the last ranking overhaul


The rating on OGS has been designed so that

Is there any evidence that this is not true anymore (on average)?


I think it’s only to be expected that a steady inflow of new players deflate ratings of the rest of the players over time, because many of those new players improve quickly and in the process take rating points from the rest, which are not recovered in some way or another on OGS (as far as I know).

I don’t know how strongly this affects overall OGS ratings, but I’d be surprised if OGS ratings have eroded by 2 ranks in 2 years by this phenomenon.

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Seems like this also applies pretty well in the current SDK ranks, at least for EGF ranks.

But isn’t that why new players start in the middle. And since many of them will sink and not make it back to 6k they are just giving points to the group so you’d expect general ranks to rise of this was significant wouldn’t you? Idk about all this stuff obvs!

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I don’t know. I guess it depends on how many rating points they will donate to the rest of OGS while they are sinking to their “true” rating as provisional player, compared to how many rating points they will remove from the rest of OGS while they are improving as a non-provisional player.

It’s complicated: new new players will cause a temporary inflation as they sink down, but the ones that stick around and improve are expected to lead to ratings deflation, but there are a lot of factors at play, esp with the pandemic and such