Why do you not play?

So this is just a conversation starter so I can understand the problem more. Why do you not play many, if any, ranked games on ogs? What would make you play more?


The endless chatter of “No, W/B should have won, because AI says so” annoys me.

ETA I’m answering specifically to “why not more ranked games”.


I do play, but i should play more xD

Maybe i should do more live games… i mostly play corrs and it usually takes months for those games to finish, so despite having many ongoing games i dont actually play more than 10-ish ranked games per month


I have several accounts on OGS and have played overall about 1500 ranked games here (for comparison, 900 on IGS, 200 on Fox). On my main account I mostly play correspondence tournament games now and don’t play a lot because of an irrational fear that, as new rounds start, I become overwhelmed by new games. It would help if rounds of a tournament could start at predictable dates but I understand this is almost impossible.


Yes, it’s possible if organizers set tournaments with absolute time and don’t allow pauses, but this is generally not the case.

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Why not:

  1. I don’t have time, inclination, nor mental energy to play serious games on main account where I hold myself to a high standard.
  2. I got banned on my meaningless-blitz-on-the-toilet-account.

What would make you play more?

  1. Divorce, quit job, put daughter up for adoption.
  2. Unban, fix error submitting move bug.

Sorry about the ban. But curious question, why a separate account when the blitz rank is a separate rank?

There’s a “bug” where (some of?) the blitz games provided by automatch are not actually counted for the blitz rank (I’m not trying to answer on behalf of @Uberdude, I’m just saying)

That’s the 10 second bug yea? The problem is 10s+ is live not blitz even though it’s a blitz option.

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What’s the account name? I’ll look into it if you like


It still effects the overall rank, which is the only rank that matters, all others are just cosmetic.


Doesn’t it effect match making?

It’s not just about rank (plus it would lower the average): it’s about embarrassment of the terrible moves I play, filling my game record with rubbish, and tarnishing my reputation. I put in a lot of effort on this account to play high quality games, win titles, get a high rank, do lots of reviews etc. I don’t want some 5 second a move ugly game whilst I’m doing a poo to be associated with that.


IIRC match making only compares both users’ overall ranks.


I have 5 kids under 7. Hit me up in a couple decades :+1:


Slightly more seriously, because I think I play so much/too much already.
I play very few live games because I don’t feel like it, honestly. They are slow, and if I have to do anything else as well while I’m playing, I prefer correspondence. (With wide limits) I can play moves when I want to. My counter is practically never at 0. An exception to this are 9x9 blitzs, sometimes. And a couple of EGF rated tournament games.
It really takes very little to motivate me to play more, the first things that come to mind are a challenge or wanting to prove something. But maybe also a bad period in my life (?)

And I might stop (and leave OGS) soon.


Same here! :grin:


In my head I like the idea of playing relaxed 1-2 hour games once in a while and might have the time for it in some sense, but in reality there’s always a large chance that something will come up and I’ll have to abandon it at a disappointing time.

Also, without some special reason like a tournament or other event, there’s nothing motivating me to play that game now. I know I can always jump into automatch or get a custom game within a few minutes, so I can wait for the perfect time, which is…later, I guess.


Why do I play on OGS

  • Web Client ( I can play on Google Flex and FreeBSD )
  • Beautiful Zen Mode

Why do I not play only on OGS

  • No AI-Sensei integration
  • Not enough opponents
  • Encountered too many cheaters (Cheating prevention seems to have improved lately)

Thank you developers
Keep up the good work


feels proud of herself