Why don't I post in this smart forum?

I often read posts and often enjoy them. but I m an old french body and I write so badly english that it s better for both you all and me I resign to try a long time.

this Ogs site is one of my favorite daily rendez-vous. thanks a lot.


Don’t be shy, most of us are not native English speakers.


Où bien écrit en français? Comme par exemple:


Quelques fois nous ecrivons des forum threads en français.


La meilleure façon de s’améliorer en anglais, c’est de commencer à écrire dans cette langue :slight_smile:

Mais, si vous n’êtes pas à l’aise pour écrire en anglais et que vous voulez quand même participer au forum, vous pouvez essayer de laisser une machine traduire votre français en anglais pour vous ! Ces traducteurs sont remarquablement bons de nos jours. Par exemple, ce texte est lui-même traduit par une machine.


Salut @Jeteste,
ce n’est pas du tout une obligation d’ecrire en anglais, c’est juste une recommandation pour atteindre le plus de lecteurs possible.

n’hesite pas a nous faire partager tes idees en francais!


I’m dumb as a rock and I still post here!


Dear @Kaworu_Nagisa, IMVHO we are way too fast, we live way too quickly, to be able to accurately judge the cognition of a rock :smiley:


Yes, this forum is very smart. I have learned English for many years and I am very good at it now, I almost never make mistakes any more and I can understand everything perfectly. I wish everyone can learn English like me. It’s okay if your English is not good. It will get gooder by using it, and then you will see that English is easier than you think. I don’t speak more than 30-35 languages now, but English is in my top 5 most beautiful languages in my opinion, because of the combination of big world, softness and intelligence of your speakers.


It’s true that to practice helps to make it better. :hugs:
Well anyway English writing is not compulsory here.



If you can read the posts then don’t be shy. Try to write a bit as well. Improvement comes with more practice, slowly but surely. :slight_smile:


thank you all for your encouragement. and for the translator.

i wonder about bots: when i play with them, i’m confused by the moves they make. especially if i win. i have the impression that this is due to the poor quality of my own moves that the programmer didn’t foresee.

I would like to understand how a bot works. how it is programmed in fact. Not to program one myself, just to understand.

I specify that if I like to play go since a long time, I am a kind of infinite beginner.
I don’t study.
in french we call that a dunce.

I couldn’t find the answers to my question.

see you :slightly_smiling_face:

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In general, the weaker the bot, the less sense their moves make. Moves by humans of the same level as the bot may not be better, but usually their moves make more sense (to other humans).


“beginner’s mind” is a good attitude IMO, and if it happens to you, maybe you are a natural talent? :smiley:

Yeah, me neither, and I first encountered Go ~1963, and I still am a Kyu player :roll_eyes: so … don’t worry too much, the game is for playing and learning, and for enjoying and learning to enjoy learning, etc., I like to say that I like Go “for the enjoyable brain tickle”. Yes, we have ranks, but mostly because they are helpful in finding the right Handicap, NOT as status symbols.

So … welcome here, and enjoy your games :slight_smile:


I am no computer expert at all but for what i understood :
Before AI software tried to use trees, recognition of shapes. … but that didn’t work well because too many possibilities.
With AI of today they introduce the use of probability, and a way to learn to play better by learning by itself. The last point is essential and the main research, it makes computer play better as human because it will be more efficient in his way of processing. They even proved that they don’t need human historic knowledge of the game, computer will discover all and more by itself.
There are articles to read, they should better explain as me! (Search deepmind/alphago )

Note that all this is not so useful to elaborate a strategy to use to win against a computer by anticipating the moves he will play, it’s just not possible.

The programmer foresee nothing. Even the software don’t really approach the game move by move but generate tons of fullboard position with the basic rules and then apply probability on these. (Called Monte Carlo)

Stronger players may envy you because they have much less freedom as you have when chosing the move to play !
Happy gaming.


Hehe that’s interesting as i think that preAI bad bots had the reverse looking to be too easy to understand and poor way of playing.

Like for example to insist to expect a mistake or a doubtful tenuki in a not working sequence.(The kind of thing i hate to encounter in some 10k player style, grown up with bots of the old generation)

I ask myself which is the more fun to play now.
But my guess is that at least new generation of bad bots will be less prone to leave bad habits in their opponent mind.
Well i m not really a bot user, so this is quite speculation, feedback welcome !


Well, some of the new generation of weak bots don’t know when the game is finished. For example, they pass when borders are still open or they keep dragging a lost game on and on with purposeless moves. Some of that is normal for new players, but there are weak bots that overdo it, setting a bad example. I hope new players don’t take over those bad habits.


yo, je suis fr aussi ^^