Why is the auto match 20 minutes?

I keep trying the auto match on OGS but 20 min is far too long. I can get 3 games on fox in the time it takes to play one on ogs. I keep trying ogs but it is just so long and exhausting. 20 minutes is for league games not for ranked games. I would like 5 minutes.

On fox there is 3 main ones.

1 min - 2000+ users
5 min - 2000+ users
20 min - 1000+ users


There’s a button on the automatch finder that starts with a “B”. Click that you will get faster games.


There is another good reason to use 5 minutes main time. Doing so minimizes the effect of escapers, because the main time does not exceed the time on the disconnection clock.


Doesn’t that only have 10 sec overtime? Also I can’t do that on the ai go board. I only have one button called auto match

I don’t know what is ai go board, but its weird if it can’t create custom games

Well there are so much less players on OGS as on fox. (10 times? 100 times? Don’t remember exactly)Not sure this is really a proof.
I would even say that OGS is doing pretty well :wink:

To save me time and work and due to general laziness, can you clarify which clock type you are referring to. They are mostly the same I suppose, but they are definitely not all the same, and it’s been shown recently that different considerations apply to different clock types.

We’re waiting for the fix for that one to get deployed ( @anoek :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) … while we wait we could explore more changes…

(Was figuring we should update the UI challenge side of things to match before deploying?)

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Ah hah - I may have misunderstood what that suggestion was about.

Is there somewhere in the UI that displays the automatch settings? That certainly should be updated.

I just can’t find where it appears in the UI, if so?

I had thought that the only settings we can “see” in the UI are the custom ones … which maybe should have their defaults changed to line up with automatch, but seems more optional? I’d put that in the “think about it later” bucket :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of course, probably we should display what the time settings for automatch are going to be, but that’s another can of worms :slight_smile:

Automatch settings are in the top right corner of the automatch box on the play page, and is distinct from the create game modal

Hope this helps?

Yeah, nah, I mean: where would I see in the UI that the time settings for a Canadian automatch have changed now?

I know that the choices I have are in the automatch settings panel, but I don’t see time control details there, only a selector of time control type.


Aah yeah good point. That should definitely be documented somewhere :thinking:

The problem is depending on your settings, the server doesn’t know yet what game you’ll get.

Yes… there are cans of worms here … another problem is that you can’t just “document” it, it’s in the backend code, so you have to be told by the backend what it is going to be in order to display it.

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Maybe it could display the pool of potential games based on your selected settings?

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I feel like you’re trying to tell me something :sweat_smile:


Wait how many different settings does auto match have?? Shouldn’t there just be 2? Blitz and live? The more settings you have the more you split the community.

Also has there been a fix to check custom games if no auto match is found immediately? Or check custom and then auto match? The idea being to get the player in a game much faster

There’s only one setting on my ai board

I shared those in the thread I mentioned above.

It’s interesting that you say that. I thought surely we can do better, but I was discusing this with anoek literally just yesterday and he shared stats that show it’s pretty darn good already.

There’s the occasional outlier, like a recent Dan automatch that waited 13 minutes, but the vast majority of matches across all ranks are in under a minute. I’d hesitate to mess with this - it’s …you guessed it …

… a can of worms :slight_smile:

I suspect my own worse-than-reality impression of it, like others, is due to the fact that you notice the times when you have to wait :slight_smile: