Why OGS avatar image quality is so low in 2024?

I get the impression that avatar image is only supposed to display random 2 colors Rorschach 10x10 pixels images. Custom image feature seems to be there just to tell that you can add your photo, but it fulfills no more than that.

Nowadays, when there’s virtually no excuse to upload a video online lower than 1080p having such blurry avatar image just seems to have no reason behind it other than it was simply left as it is since OGS inception.

If there’s a real optimization reason for it then I get it. But it seems likely enough that it just wasn’t brought to developers attention to improve displayed image quality so far.



Edit to make messages straightforward and understandable for anyone.

OGS cuts down image quality that player uploads in his profile(avatar). Outcome is that all profile pictures are 128x128(px?). I propose(ask) to make quality higher than that of 128x128.

If developers think that’s impossible to add, then at least tell me why this poses a challenge.

It should be mentioned that I’m an OGS supporter in case it adds any additional importance to responding to my question.



Thank you guys at ogs forum for fucking hawking on question addressed to developers and gaslighting and twisting my words for approximate length of 20 replies. I very much appreciate this healthy community. I don’t think I want to be part of it anymore.

you can upload any 128x128 png image as avatar

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You can fend status quo all you want, of course. But this image quality is just laughingly bad for my zoomers’ eyes.

my avatar is not blurry. Is there something wrong with your browser?




Hmm, maybe there’s something wrong indeed.

check zoom

Can you upload some image without sharply defined borders/ lines? It doesn’t show that much if it’s like image from cartoon.

Could you show me my profile pic for reference? (Tesujitarian)


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Seems to be the same as in my view…

I don’t see blurriness now.
pressing ctrl+rotating mouse wheel changing zoom of page in browser. It may cause blurriness. Set 100%.

Your image looks as blurry as mine. Sometimes people put their portraits as avatar and you need to use your imagination to make up their features.

I think we see OGS site differently.

I opened your screenshot in new tab. No difference.

Quality is good enough if you don’t zoom in and have avatar just as ~3x3cm icon to merely distinguish one player from another.
If you want to see what player used as a profile pic then there’re issues with that.

I’m still not sure what are you talking about

As @stone.defender said, it looks like the avatar is automatically scaled to a 128x128 size. Your orginal image of about 536 x 570 doesn’t scale nicely to that size. I suggest you downsize your image yourself to 128 x 128 with your favourite image editor and try to make it crisp there before uploading it as your avatar.

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Why can’t displayed quality just be higher?

Because that’s difficult.
You could try if your favourite image editor can do that. Perhaps it can, I saw recent AI powered tools that do it very well.

Do I need to use ai add-on to have higher image quality on ogs? Even if it’s possible it seems like a workaround then solution.

are you talking about zooming of page in browser or are you talking about decreased resolution of image after upload?

I would like so that images wouldn’t be decreased in quality after uploading as severely as they are being truncated right now.