Why OGS avatar image quality is so low in 2024?

do you agree that this image is not blurry? (on 100% zoom in browser)

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Using my favourite image editing tool, I get this when I downsize your image to 128 pixels:



But if person has an interesting profile pic I want to zoom in to see more details!

so you proposing new, not existing feature: when uploading image on OGS, it stores in original resolution and when you click on avatar, you see it FULL original resolution.
Is that what are you talking about?


There’re 2 solutions to this. One is that you described. Another is to still cut image quality, but to a higher resolution than 128x128 if uploading original quality will effect site performance.

and show on profile page only and not during game?

Both if possible. If not, then only on profile page.

there is not enough space on game page. Bigger game board is more important than bigger avatar.

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stone.defender, I just asked ”why” in my OP, but you’re acting as if I’m reeking havoc in your home place and trying to threaten your well-being.

Answering your reply directly:
The board is square not rectangular, so there’s always free space to the left and right which are just black(or white) stripes of unused space.
Edit: Just checked, no free space, my apology.

From my perspective, you are asking “Why is [this thing I want] not already done?”
and then I find this unnecessarily provocative:

No they aren’t, relax …


you’re twisting my words, I didn’t write that.

If I did, then quote it directly.

Btw, I edited OP. Take a look, everyone.

By the way, this is possible in HTML. You can have a high resolution image displayed at a smaller size and zoom in the browser to see the full quality.

And this can give an improvement on high resolution screens without zooming.

For example I think the forum avatars are done like that.

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my forum avatar is blurry after zoom


Here’s what I see (mobile)

so, it works in some browsers and doesn’t in other


Huge part of users don’t care of their avatar or seem happy with.

A low resolution has its own advantages on low cost devices. Avatar are not that fundamental to play go on OGS.

Anyway you can simply put something better for yourself.


I think Feijoa’s image is from your forum avatar, not from your main site avatar. They may work differently.


Oops. Sorry for me not reading better.

I can also see a clear quality difference when zooming in on your forum avatar in my laptop browser (chrome) vs the OGS forums app on my phone.