Why OGS avatar image quality is so low in 2024?

By the way, on game pages I think the avatars get resized to something even lower resolution by the server:


And in tournaments it’s even worse:

That seems especially unnecessary (in 2024.)


I guess it depends.

If the scaling is done say to speed up loading times and use less data (imagine using mobile data) then it doesn’t sound unnecessary, the avatars aren’t as important as the names, pairings results etc. if you want to appreciate someone’s (everyone’s?) avatar there’s a profile page.

If that’s not the reason it’s done, if loading times would be unaffected, if it’s just because it’s funny to downscale things, then yeah sure it’s especially unnecessary.


in portrait mode avatar is smaller than in landscape mode

I’ve been bothered by the quality of profile images as well. Since OGS already hosts higher res forum images, I don’t think there is a huge technical challenge to supporting higher quality profile pictures, though I could be wrong.

That said, it doesnt bother me that much, and I’m glad that OGS devs are prioritizing features like ladder settings.


Im not totally sure but i think the limit has always been the same, meaning that it was designed for ~2012 internet speeds, not for 2024 >____>

So yes your comment seems valid, custom profile pics are a feature that hasnt been updated in a decade and it might be worthwhile to increase that resolution limitation. Hopefully some developer has the time to change it ^^


But internet is much slower and much more expensive in 2024 than it was in 2012, if in 2012 you were using a landline and in 2024 you’re using mobile data…


But still … we want to be accessible from as many parts of the world as possible, right?

Not everyone has a 500+ Mbit cable like I do … or a glass fiber … and many mobile users are on small volume plans, etc., etc. … I’d think we want to reach all people who live on a budget also, and those in “underdeveloped” regions.


BUT … look at this:

Here I hovered my mouse pointer over my avatar image in a game.

This is Safari on MacOS, using the “Hover for Safari” extension, which displays all sorts of images and video behind a link when you hover the mouse over it … looks as if it shows my originally uploaded image.

I’ve used similar plugins for Chrome and Firefox … maybe this is, for now, a feasible special solution for those with special demands, without having to rebuild parts of the server?

OH WAIT … could be it is pulled from Gravatar? I seem to remember that I didn’t have to upload an avatar image … or was it the forum? Sry for the confusion, it’s been so long ago.


If it’s about saving bandwidth, we should be using 7kB 128x128 jpgs:


Instead of the 11kB 64x64 pngs currently on the game pages:



That’s yours so i guess it can simply be of better quality as default avatars.

It could be that if you’re only loading two images, like on a game page it’s not so important, but a tournament could have hundreds of participants, like mcmahon tournaments. I’m not sure exactly if things are unloaded when not in view, at least somethings can be like that.

But bandwidth is just a speculation (or a question to someone that might know more), it might not be the case that that’s the reason on tournament pages.

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I’m pretty sure the img tags for player cards just don’t exist until you manually open them

I meant like all the small icons in tournaments like

though most tournaments aren’t as extreme as that one normally.