Why was this game mis-scored?

Dear all,

I am farily new to OGS and I recently had a mis-scored game ( https://online-go.com/game/3079084 ).
The game was quite close, and I won it by a few points. When the game entered the scoring procedure it actually did show the correct score estimate for me and my opponents, this were roughly the same numbers I estimated myself.
However, after I accepted the score I realized that the right territority (~30 points) was missing from my score and while I was trying to figure out what happened, my opponent accepted the score, too, so the game was recorded as a loss. I called a moderator who told me he would restore my rating points, so that is not the issue…
Nevertheless, I would still like to know what happened and if I did something wrong as to avoid a similar situation is the future. Since I was playing on an iPhone: May I have touched a control that changed my score prior to accepting? Might my opponent have marked something dead without me noticing it? The opponent posted a “?” in the game chat, so I think he or she was also surprised. Could there be a plain bug?
I would be happy if someone could give me some insight in this.

best regards


There are genuine situations that the score suggestion does not handle correctly. See also this thread: Automatic scoring

Your case looks pretty clear to me. There are no leftover prisoners or anything that could confuse the suggestion algorithm.

Maybe one of you accidentially turned the territory to neutral in scoring?

Anyway, it is the responsibility of both players to check the score before you click “accept”. Only accept the score if it is correct, and don’t leave before both players have accepted and the scoring is complete (otherwise you might lose by escaping).

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Animiral is correct. If you go to the game and estimate the score, the algorithm returns the correct score of W+5.5. This means you or your opponent unmarked the stones and both players accepted that result. The solution is to verify the points are correctly marked before accepting.

As always, if your opponent is maliciously unmarking stones so you don’t win, you can call a moderator to judge the game from the sidebar. Thanks.