Wish: No right click for moves

Hi, I use “One click” for a move on my PCs in various browsers, two clicks on tablets
However it happens quite often to me ( yes I am silly) that I accidently “right-click” my mouse and it takes it as a move…

I really dont like in general asking for takebacks, so I 'd love to have the option to say “one click for a move YERS, but only with the LEFT mouse button”



The safest option, and my preferred choice, is to always use the submit button. I think of this like hitting the clock in a real life game. So not that much extra effort compared to one click or double click but allows a moment to check the move placed is the move intended :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t normally misclick much, but when streaming on Fox I hold right click to show the coordinates of an intersection, which then makes it very easy to right click on OGS out of habit :sweat_smile:


My submit button is hidden at the bottom so i need to scroll with finger so imagine how many missclick I did. …

Me too.

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I’m surprised to hear that right click submits - it doesn’t seem like a natural UI expectation.

I always click submit button so I’ve never encountered it, but … is there any reason why right click should submit?


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