World Amateur Go Championship 2021

It will be held from 3rd to 9th June in Vladivostok.

We may hope for a better coverage than usual, I think. Russia is the first non-Asian country to host the tournament, I think?

The trailer:

Upcoming broadcast:

Sidenote: all participants need to do PCR-test.

Here’s the participants of the main event:

I wonder, under each participant there’s a suspicious inscription: “online” or “Vladivostok”, so it appears half of the players will be playing at the location and half online then.

Apart from the main event, there will be mass simultaneous go exhibition, fathers and sons (rengo) event, blondes vs brunettes, also Russian Cup, Russian Team Championship and Team Championship U12, Polymetal Cup.

People already checking in:


That’s true although if I consider only the geographic position of Vladivostok, I found it a bit quite in the “far East”.


Could Russia not be considered an Asian country?

About 3/4 of Russia’s territory is in Asia, after all.

We know what you mean, obviously. I’m just a pedant so I’d say “non-Oriental”, or “outside East Asia”.

exoriental, perhaps…

Very communist like advertisement. lol

Vladivostok is in East Asia. What we could say is that for the first time, the WAGC will be held in a country whose capital is outside Asia.


I love this; it shows a go board for about 10 frames of the video and the rest is stock footage :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, Wikipedia doesn’t class it as such:


“map of East Asia” (Vladivostok in red)

It might be sensible to refer to the geographic region as East Asia (and Vladivostok is certainly in the eastern part of Asia) but the CJK (Sino-Japono-Korean) cultural-linguistic area as the Orient.

So we could say that Vladivostok is in East Asia but, culturally, it’s exoriental.

This is great! :grin: Lots of Dan players, including lots of high Dans. Lots of nationalities represented. And congrats to the handful of kuy players brave enough to enter. Is it a knockout tournament or what? :man_shrugging: And is there OGS relays or live video feed or anything? :woman_shrugging:


Opening ceremony finished. Instead of Chernykh it appears Kajmin Vjacheslav is gonna play for RGF for health reasons. And note that all that stuff about Russia cheating scandal and so on affects even go, Russian player plays under RGF logo, unlike all the other players playing for countries.


It looks like there is a zoom system to watch the boards? If not, at least this link has the pairings: Pairings

It could just be to do with whether the games are to be played online or not and like cameras/zoom call for anti cheating etc. But then of course the id and access codes are on the website for spectators?

I assume zoom is simply a basic anti-cheating. If it was for spectators, a youtube broadcast would be better. In zoom you need to set it up so everyone’s muted and can’t show anything or you’ll get pranked.

I have information that two top boards will be broadcasted on panda (WAGCST01 and WAGCST02), and I don’t know what about online games.

  1. Frejlak, Stanisław (Poland, 7d) vs Yatsenko, Dmitro (Ukraine, 5d)
  2. Dréan-Guénaïzia, Benjamin (France, 6d) vs Mérő, Csaba (Hungary, 6d)



Russia Cup live now, although not very lively yet?


Live games

Stanislaw’s game at the moment

Benjamin’s game

This seems to be the real board for Benjamin game

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All online games are played on pandanet in WAGC 2021 room.

By the way, who are the good players to root for? Surely Benjamin, Podpera, Kaymin. Anyone else we know about? Typically on WAGC I never heard of most players, so it’s a little boring.


I like Stanislaw also, and Gavin Rooney for us in :ireland: But also I don’t recognise the majority of the players :slight_smile:

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This camera looks so unusual to my eyes. Not the usual “filming” angle (movies etc), not the “directly overhead so the board is visible” angle, not the “CCTV” angle, not the “I’m filming the people over there on my phone” angle.

It’s somewhat like a “keep an eye on the casino tables” angle, but not exactly either.

I guess I’ll call it the “anticheat Go” technique.

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Match Frejlak, Stanisław (7d, W) vs. YATSENKO, Dmitro (5d, B).

“Nice” shape.



The playing hall has a dim lighting, doesn’t it? It looks as if they’re playing in a bar. I like well-lit rooms.

Podpera rekted the opponent. Boom - dead.

Kay also won